witches of east end season 2 premiere a movable beast frederick joanna lifetime 'Witches of East End' Season 2 premiere: New powers, new family and Ingrid's new man(?) in 'A Movable Beast'

The “Witches of East End” Season 2 premiere, “A Movable Beast,” jumps right back into the drama that is being a witch. Only a short time has passed since Season 1 — less than a week — but lots of things have changed. Joanna is dying, Dash is angry and occasionally moving things, Killian is missing, and Ingrid has a new boyfriend.

Fortunately, that boyfriend is not her newly arrived brother, Frederick. Unfortunately, that boyfriend may not be a much better choice.

Get the details in this recap.

Bad medicine

So “Witches of East End” Season 2 begins with screams. And leeches. Yay?

At least the leeches and screams have a purpose — Victor is trying to treat Joanna’s argentium poisoning before the immortal witch experiences mortality and drops dead. The leeches aren’t working so well though, meaning Joanna gets more and more haggard as the episode goes on. It’s a bit of a buzzkill.

Meanwhile, Freya makes a yucky potion because it turns out that no one remembers what happened after the Asgard portal opened. The potion doesn’t totally bring back that memory, but it does make crazy third eyes open in everyone’s foreheads.

The mystery of the portal therefore continues.

Over at the hospital, more weird stuff happens. Dash is (of course) on-duty when a random guy comes in screaming about the woods and sporting a rather impressive sigil carved into his stomach. If that’s not weird enough, that same guy freaks out when he sees Dash. He has a brief “You’re one of them!” moment before he drops dead. Dash’s new magic stuff only kind of helps with that.

Dash’s magical therapy

Only kind of helping is pretty much how one might describe most of Dash’s life these days. His magical abilities pop up sporadically, but he definitely doesn’t have any control over them. Instead, Dash gets to deal with Killian hallucinations, rage when seeing Freya and creepy e-mails from someone who has video of the attempted fratricide.

Not even an MRI helps. It does, however, inform Dash that one other person examined at the hospital once had a brain like his: Ingrid Beauchamp.

Ingrid gets a job and drunk

But not in that order.

Ingrid does apply for the job sober but gets shot down when she fails to mention she doesn’t exactly have a PhD. That problem goes right away after Freya mixes a magical shot for her sister in an attempt to use magic to their own advantage.

Ingrid gets the job immediately. She celebrates by dancing on a stool, which is neither the best nor the worst choice the witch makes in this episode (see the final section for the worst decision). An EMT — who seems to be a love interest for Wendy — shows up but fails to fix the injury before magic takes care of all the problems.

Killian’s island?

At the beginning of the episode, Freya is irritated that Killian hasn’t returned her phone calls. She might be less irritated (but more worried) if she knew about that whole Dash-magically-almost-killing-his-brother thing.  As it is, Freya is having visions of a bloody man and tarot readings of owls and whatnot.

Where is Killian? He is off in some distant island paradise, using his newfound abilities to win at gambling. And he is also boinking a mysterious, owl-tattooed lady that we’ll just call Bianca Lawson because her character’s name of Ava is not important yet.

The prodigal son

While we might not know everyone or everything that came though the Asgard portal, one arrival is quickly revealed: Frederick. Joanna’s long-lost (and possibly evil) son spends most of the episode wandering through the woods shirtless (yay!) and sporting a scar that looks like the one that killed Dash’s patient.

He also has a cloaking spell that keeps him hidden from Wendy. It’s all very shifty. But so long as Frederick keeps that shirt off, who cares?

Joanna certainly doesn’t. Not only is she overjoyed to see her son, she also gets the added benefit of a quick argentium cure. It seems Frederick has built up an immunity to the substance (much like Westley’s immunity to iocane powder in “The Princess Bride”), because his grandfather has tried to kill him that way a bunch of times.

This does indicate that Frederick is a good guy, but there is more to it. The young man is also collecting information, sent via the glowing scar to persons unknown. The question may be whether or not Frederick is aware of his treachery or if he’s just another pawn.

Ingrid’s unfortunate luck in boyfriends continues

Throughout the entire premiere episode, Ingrid seems to be a little bit irritated with everyone’s assumptions that she is logical and steady and good. They wouldn’t think that if they met Ingrid’s newest boyfriend.

Or whatever he/it is … Is there a name for a greenish creature with a tail that sucks blood through creepy tentacles? Ingrid’s dead cop and psycho writer are seeming pretty good now, aren’t they?

Posted by:Laurel Brown