connie britton adrianne palicki jan 08 'Wonder Woman': Adrianne Palicki 'perfect,' says Connie Britton“Isn’t it great?” says Connie Britton, calling in to Zap2it from the set of “When Angels Sing,” a movie she’s shooting with Harry Connick Jr. in Austin, Texas. “So awesome. I was thrilled!”

She’s talking about her friend and “Friday Night Lights” co-star Adrianne Palicki, who has been cast in the lead role of Wonder Woman/Diana Prince in David E. Kelley‘s re-imagining of DC Comics superheroine “Wonder Woman” for NBC and Warner Bros.

Britton and Palicki spent several years together shooting “Lights” in Austin — the fifth and final season starts airing on NBC on April 15, and Palicki returns for the last two episodes — and Britton has kept close tabs on her pal’s progress.

“I knew,” says Britton, “because we’re very close, I knew that she was going in [for the role]. Then she found out it was Jeff Reiner who was directing it. Jeff Reiner was our producer and director for years, and we love and adore Jeff Reiner.

“Then I knew she was going to test, and I was like, ‘She is perfect. There is no way they could find anybody else who would be more Wonder Woman than Annie.’ So I was so thrilled about it. She was born to play that role.”

As the curvy Palicki is an inch under six feet tall, and her “Friday Night Lights” blonde hair was already switched out for brunette for the short-lived FOX series “Lone Star,” it’s not hard to imagine her in the role originated by Lynda Carter on television in the 1970s, even before a shot of her in the costume was revealed.

Says Britton, “She’s perfect not just physically — and obviously she’s perfect physically — but I think, more importantly, she’s perfect because she loves that character and loves the role and respects the [comic-book] world. That’s going to go a long way.

“She’s not just going to do this for the glitz of being Wonder Woman. She means it. She’s in there for real.”

Asked if she would ever portray a rival Amazon goddess on “Wonder Woman,” Britton says, “Well, hopefully I’ll be going down the road of my own things, so I’m going to leave the Amazon goddess up to her.”

Since Britton has snagged the lead role in the FX pilot “American Horror Story,” from “Glee” producers Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck, to go into production in late April, and has another FX pilot in development with David O. Russell, her prediction for her future seems on the mark.  

Posted by:Kate O'Hare