bryan cranston godzilla warner bros Wondercon 2014: Warner Bros.' 'Edge of Tomorrow,' 'Godzilla,' and 'Into the Storm'Wondercon 2014 really got its main arena going with a presentation previewing three of its upcoming movies: “Edge of Tomorrow,” “Into the Storm” and “Godzilla.”
The “Godzilla” remake was represented at Wondercon by the film’s director Gareth Edwards.
“We did think about looping the [trailer] footage for two hours,” Edwards jokes of the well-received trailer for his movie. Don’t worry — there is still other footage. In it, we actually meet the monster: “Godzilla tells you who he is,” says Edwards.
And oh does he — footage shown at the panel includes fire, gunshots, tsunamis and a dog. There’s also a strange and destructive creature (not Godzilla) that has to be stopped. It just might be Godzilla who has to save the day.

Godzilla is really, really big and impressive, by the way.
“Into the Storm” was presented by director Steven Quale and actors Richard Armitage, max Deacon, Jeremy Sumpter and Arlen Escarpia.

The movie follows what happens when an unprecedented number of storms hit a small town. Many, many things get sucked up into many, many twisters. Most impressive is what happens when tornadoes hit an airport.

What would you get if you mixed “Groundhog Day” with an alien invasion and Tom Cruise? That would be “Edge of Tomorrow.” Cruise stars as a soldier fighting a seemingly invincible alien army, fighting under Bill Paxton. The twist is that Cruise’s character relives the same day as soon as he dies.

The man has to keep doing this as it’s the only way to beat the aliens. That’s because the aliens can relive the day too.

“He’s s***ting green bananas from the beginning!” Paxton explains of Cruise’s character during the panel. He only becomes a super-soldier after an “eternity” of days in an exoskeleton suit.
“It was torturous,” Paxton says, when asked about those suits. “Oh I earned my bonus!”
What about Paxton’s recent TV bombshell performance? “Hail Hydra,” Paxton says with a grin when the subject came up. “I felt all warm and fuzzy inside,” he adds, on seeing that Hydra logo appear on “Agents of SHIELD.”
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