woody harrelson details Woody Harrelson expects to be arrested with Matthew McConaughey in New Orleans

It’s no secret that Woody Harrelson is a troublemaker. In a new interview with Details, even the actor expects he’ll get arrested while filming a new series with Matthew McConaughey in New Orleans.

“That does seem likely, doesn’t it?” he says. “I imagine it will be for multiple charges: Drunk and disorderly would be at the top of the list, probably, and resisting arrest, no doubt. The good news is, we’re playing cops, so maybe the New Orleans police will be more forgiving.”

Harrelson is a longtime advocate of the legalization of marijuana, and he opens up about his stance on the subject with the magazine. Apparently he doesn’t expect to see the drug become legal in the United States anytime soon.

“I can’t imagine that it’s going to happen, no,” he says. “The deeper issue is, what does it mean to live in a free country? In the U.S., something like 80 percent of people in prison are there for ‘consensual crimes.’ The government may change faces from time to time, but it’s not like we fight wars for democracy — we fight wars for capitalism and for oil. I keep coming back to the same goddamn subject. I guess because it’s what really bugs me the most.”

As for his political stance, Harrelson defines himself as an “anarchist.” “I don’t believe in politics. I’m an anarchist, I guess you could say. I think people could be just fine looking after themselves,” Harrelson says.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz