Work-of-Art-canceled-bravo-China+Chow+Marc+Jacobs+2.jpgBravo fans, reality television devotees, art lovers and people who just like watching people do weird stuff and call it art are in mourning Tuesday (Aug. 21) with the news that Bravo has canceled “Work of Art,” according to Gallerist NY.

The show hosted by China Chow pitted aspiring artists against each other in a “Project Runway”-style competition, which, among other prizes, won the final artist a a show at the Brooklyn Museum. The series’ regular judges included Simon de Pury, Bill Powers, Jeanne Greenberg-Rohatyn and Jerry Saltz, though Saltz called it quits on his judging duties at the end of Season 2, according to Vulture.

Dan Cutforth of Magical Elves, which produces the show, tells Gallerist NY that he already has interest from other networks.

“I feel like the show had something to say about the art world,” Cutforth says. “We really tried to make it clear that art is purely subjective and everyone has their own opinions about it. I think that’s still true and that that’s a valuable message.”

Posted by:Jennifer Harper