working the engels andrea martin nbc 'Working the Engels': Andrea Martin's bonds with Martin Short and Eugene Levy still hold
Zap2it: “Working the Engles” turned out to be an “SCTV” reunion of sorts, with Martin Short and Eugene Levy making guest appearances. How was it working with these old friends again?
Andrea Martin: We were in Toronto and that’s where we shot “SCTV,” so it did feel like no time had passed and here we were on a soundstage in Toronto making each other laugh. I don’t know, in some ways it feels like we’ve all certainly gone off and done different things in our careers, but the bond was so tight when we did “SCTV,” it just felt like there was no effort, I guess, in our acting together.
Zap2it: Your character on “Engels,” Ceil, is very protective of her adult children.
Andrea Martin: Yes, yes. I’ve tried over the years not to be so enabling (laughs), so it was actually interesting to do this character over the course of 12 shows and see maybe the overly protective love I’ve had for my own sons and the danger that happens when you do that — they can’t think for themselves. So it was kind of therapeutic as well as entertaining.
Zap2it: Executive producer Katie Ford said you bring a warmth to the dismissive lines Ceil utters. Is that by design?
Andrea Martin: Yes, you know it was important to me really not to do that. I think it’s a pitfall that maybe … comedies require that kind of arch or maybe that’s a characteristic of a lot of older women on camera, that arch kind of putdown, sarcastic delivery, and God knows I can do that. But it was important to me to stay clear of that, actually, and to try to find a genuine love for my children. That’s what I set out to do, and God knows they honored that.
Posted by:George Dickie