super bowl worst bud light Worst of Super Bowl 2011 ads: Bud Light, Kia, Brisk Tea and moreSure, there’s a football game going on at Super Bowl XLV, but the competition between the companies who bought ads during the broadcast is fierce too.

FOX was charging about $3 million for a 30-second spot, so the companies advertising during the game better hope they get their money’s worth. The companies featured in the ads below might want to have a talk with their agencies — because they’re our least favorites from this year’s game. (Also check out the ones we did like.)

Bud Light does not get its $3 million worth

The first ad of Super Bowl XLV goes to long-time advertiser Bud Light, and it’s a dud. Part of the beer’s continuing “Here we go” campaign, it has a guy reacting with joy to a kitchen makeover — which consists solely of putting a bucket of beer on the counter. The fake show is called “Hack Job,” which is a pretty fitting title for this ad.

— Rick Porter

Kia: One epic ride = one mediocre fail

When we think “Kia” we don’t think “fancy special effects.” Thus, when we see fancy special effects, we’re not going to think about “Kia.” While it looked great, it also looked like a whole lot of money was spent just for the sake of spending money. We’d rather see a ersuasive ad spot about the car you’re trying to talk us into buying.

— Brill Bundy

Eminem, you should go with your gut

We have to flag the horribly done animated Eminem commercial for Lipton Brisk Tea. All based on why Eminem doesn’t do commercials, did he mean to make this another example of why? Not only was it clich� (“I only do commercials with hot chicks, at my home, blah blah”), the animated version of him looked nothing like him and the overall animation just looked so low budge. Just nabbing a celebrity voice does not a Super Bowl commercial make, Lipton! You have to bring it on every aspect. We think it’ll be a while before we see Eminem doing another commercial. You think?

Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY: Surgeon

Getting illegal surgery in what appears to be a third world country… looks fun! And exactly what we don’t want to see our cute little Android robot friend doing. Though the Sony Ericsson phone looks pretty cool (if you’re into that whole gamer thing, that is), those thumbs were just CREEPY.

— Sophie Schillaci

E-Trade: Enough already

Three years and millions of talking-baby commercials later, we still don’t get it. It’s just. Not. Funny.

Rick Porter

Stella Artois: Adrian Brody in ‘Crying Jean

Adrian Brody‘s stab at shilling might actually be palatable if the Belgian beer maker didn’t have such an impressive track record with nostalgic ads. His presence? Distracting. And the erratic crooning seems like less of parody than a desperate move to revive his deteriorating charm. Still, we always appreciate shots of Stella bartenders shaving off that frothy head — and some of us still love the Brodes.

Mikey O’Connell

X Factor: Simon Cowell

The “X Factor” ad really just highlighted two things. One, the fact that Simon Cowell is still the only judge signed on for the American version of the show. And Two, that we don’t really care if he’s back. Sorry, Simon. It’s been fun, but we’re seeing Steven Tyler now.

–Carina Adly MacKenzie

Pepsi Max: First Date
Two words popped into our minds immediately after watching this commercial: Low budget. We honestly thought it was one of those weird local commercials that plays at midnight for a dating hotline. Pepsi Max, why you so classy? And we’re pretty sure that restaurant had more than one Pepsi Max in stock. Lame.

–Tierney Bricker

Sketchers: Kim Kardashian
Color us not so surprised. Kim Kardashian‘s “heartbreaking” Skechers Shape-Ups ad left us less than thrilled. The thing about reality stars is… they often can’t recite lines, so people should really stop paying Kim to be in commercials. We love her on E!, but she should probably stay there. We won’t deny that her body looks hot though. Enjoy, boys.

— Sophie Schillaci

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