how i met your mother finale funeral cut tracy cbs Would the 'How I Met Your Mother' finale have been better with a funeral?The “How I Met Your Mother” finale wasn’t well-received among fans of the long-running CBS comedy, but Alyson Hannigan says she thinks one scene that was cut from the final episode might’ve made the ending go down a little bit easier.

What eventually aired on television was nearly 20 minutes shorter than the script read at the final table read, and Hannigan says that one of the cut scenes was a funeral for the mother, something that might’ve softened the blow for fans.

“Honestly, if you saw [that] cut, it would be even more heart-wrenching than what the finale was,” Hannigan tells TVLine. “They were like, ‘No. It’s just too gut-wrenching.’ And I was like, ‘That’s what I want. I want my heart ripped out and slammed on the floor and, like, stomped on!'”

Hannigan thinks maybe fans would’ve liked that cut better so that they could have better received the mother’s death. “[It] would have been better for the audience, so that then they can process, ‘Oh, [Ted] mourned. He got closure.’ And then they’d be happy that [he and Robin] got together. Rather than be like, ‘Oh, wait. She died? What? They’re together, huh?’ And credits. That’s what I think was too fast.”

She knows that some viewers “didn’t connect” with the finale, and hopes that the cast’s final table read — of the longer finale episode — will somehow make it on to the Season 9 DVD set, which will include an alternate ending. “I just wish they were all there, all the people that didn’t like it,” she says.

Posted by:Jean Bentley