wwe money in the bank live blog 'WWE Money in the Bank' live blog: A new WWE World Heavyweight Champion is crowned

It’s going to be a big night for WWE. “Money in the Bank” will see both a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion as well as hand someone a guaranteed title match whenever they want over the next year. Both main event ladder matches are sure  to cause a great deal of interest as fans see just how willing WWE is to get behind new stars, rather than relying on the old guard.
With John Cena tentatively slated to face Brock Lesnar at “Summerslam,” he’s a heavy favorite to win the match. In fact, in Zap2it predicted Cena will be the next champion. However, the dark horse here could easily be Roman Reigns or Bray Wyatt, two newer guys who have the possibility to be at the top of WWE by the time the show is over.
“Money in the Bank” kicks off at 8 p.m. ET on pay per view and the WWE Network. You can follow along here with Zap2it’s live blog beginning at 7:30 p.m. as Daniel Bryan makes his first WWE appearance since being stripped of the title due to injury.
Pre-show – There are some things to note. For one, Bad News Barrett has been fulled from the briefcase ladder match due to an injury he sustained on “Smackdown.” Additionally, Summer Rae vs. Layla with Fandango as guest referee is official now.

With 12 minutes before showtime, Michael Cole welcomes Daniel Bryan to the ring. His hair is even longer, but the bear is being well-maintained. He’s jumping around with the “Yes” chants, so his neck must be doing alright. The crowd is as loud for him as ever, showing you can’t kill what the people want. 
Bryan says at this point there is no set return date. He’s facing the possibility of another surgery and he is still having issues with his arm. When answering fan questions, Bryan has three picks for the new champion: Cena, Orton or Roman Reigns. One of those names got huge applause, while the others were booed. You be the judge.

For no reason whatsoever, Bo Dallas is out to interrupt Bryan and help him BoLieve. The best thing about Dallas is JBL’s reaction to him every single week. It’s perfect.  Bryan tells him to split and that magically ends the segment. “Money in the Bank” is next.
The Usos vs Erick Rowan and Luke Harper for the WWE Tag Team Championships
8:05 p.m. – Starting things out hot, this should be a pretty fantastic match. The non-Bray Wyatt Family theme song is weird because it seems to change from show to show. Maybe they’ll stick with this one. It’s a little too metal for the Family, though.
The Family throws around their muscle early on. Who knew Harper had such an impressive dropkick? Eventually the Usos speed things up and start jumping around to take control of the match. That is, until Harper pushed an Uso off the top rope and his mouth smacks into the barricade.
Rowan breaks out a mean claw hold. He should absolutely do that regularly. Wrestling is missing a really great claw and he’s a menacing enough guy to make it believable. Naturally, the Usos end up in control again after flipping around and out of the ring.  Harper won’t stand for it though and quickly ends that, kicking Jimmy in the face. They go back and forth for a bit, but the Usos get the upper hand in the end.
In a pretty astonishing feat, the Usos superplex Rowan, then hit a double splash for the win.
8:22 – Winners: The Usos
Backstage, Dean Ambrose makes threats toward Seth Rollins.  Even with The Shield over, he still doesn’t seem to have proper ring gear. He’s also not sure whether to beat up Rollins or go for the briefcase. If he’s not sure, this should not be the match he’s in.
8:27 – Funk is on a roll and it’s time for the Divas Championship match.
Naomi vs. Paige for the WWE Divas Championship
Paige is literally constantly yelling. It’s awesome, because it’s an angry roar. And angry British roar. With Paige down on the outside, Naomi dives over the top. Back in the ring, Naomi continues to run the match, giving Paige more competition than anyone else has yet. The two exchange impressive pin attempts, before Naomi slaps on a submission move of her own.
Outside the ring, Cameron just looks bored. Sort of like how viewers were when she did commentary on “Raw.” Paige throws out a couple submission holds, but Naomi gets back on the offence pretty quickly and almost gets the win after a “Rear View,” which is just a butt bump.
Out of nowhere, Paige lands a vicious cradle DDT to retain the title, much to Cameron’s delight.
8:37 – Winner: Paige
Since they’ve got a little time to kill, Damien Sandow comes out dressed as Paul Revere to run down Adam Rose and the Rosebuds, which is terrible. The world needs more Rosebuds. That just makes it easy for Rose to come out with his ridiculous sunglasses and entourage, though. Just like that, we’ve got an impromptu match.
Adam Rose vs. Damien Sandow

8:47 – If you ever wanted to see Paul Revere fight a rave kid, WWE is the place for you. For the record, Damien Sandow won a Money in the Bank ladder match last year. Now he’s jobbing to Adam Rose while dressed as a historical figure. So things are definitely going well for him.
The outcome of this match shouldn’t even be a question. Rose hits the Party Foul for the pin.
8:53 – Winner: Adam Rose
At ringside, Jon Stewart and his son are wearing John Cena hats. Et tu, Jon?
Next up is the first ladder match, for the title shot.
Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Bad News Barrett vs. RVD vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Jack Swagger
8:58 – It needs to be said how cool Seth Rollins looks in his new gear. Now they just need to work on that entrance theme. Too much silence, considering the crowd isn’t reacting to him in a gigantic way.
With all of the cost-cutting going on, it’s a wonder that Kofi Kingston still has pyro in his entrance. Especially when Dean Ambrose wrestles in jeans and a wife beater.
Kingston gets in some high spots early, and gives Swagger the Boom Drop on a ladder. Rollins and Ambrose quickly brawled to the outside.
Finally, the two former members of The Shield make it into the ring and Rollins takes a double underhook suplex onto a ladder and it looked painful. Ambrose then tried to climb the ladder, but Swagger for in his way.
The painful ladder hijinx don’t stop, as Rollins uses one as a battering ram on Ziggler, then gets it kicked into his face by RVD. He also drops Rollins on a ladder and hits Rolling Thunder, kicks Ambrose off the ring apron, lands Ziggler on another ladder and takes out Swagger with a Five Star Frog Splash. There’s no way he’ll win the match, but it’s nice to see how well RVD can still go.
He climbs the ladder, but Kofi follows. Swaggers gets back up and pulls him down, but RVD and Kofi take him out with the ladder. Somehow Swagger comes back again, but gets tossed off a ladder by RVD. As he sets up for an even bigger frog splash, Rollins stops him long enough for Swagger to somehow recover again and powerbomb him to the mat.
Swagger is the Superman of this match. Nothing keeps him down more than 15 seconds.
Ambrose quickly climbs the ladder to superplex Rollins off of it, much to the crowd’s delight. After a few more trainwrecks, it somehow ends up being Rollins and Ambrose climbing the ladder.
Ambrose takes it out to keep Rollins from reaching the top and it looks like he might have busted up his shoulder while hitting a huge DDT on Jack Swagger. Trainers are trying to pull him out of the match, saying it’s dislocated. He storms backstage as Rollins then climbs the ladder. RVD quickly follows him, though.
Kofi sets up a weird little ladder table and Van Dam takes a spill. Kofi and Rollins battle at the top of the ladder and Rollins is dropped back on the ladder. Just as Kofi was about to get the briefcase, Ziggler was in with a DDT. he then went after Swagger.
Ziggler takes out everyone, including RVD, setting himself up for a win. Kofi even gets a Zig Zag onto the ladder.
As Dolph climbs the ladder, Swagger wakes up again (Will nothing keep him down?) and applies the ankle lock. Finally, Dolph kicks him away and sees the briefcase. He does to climb for it, but Rollins recovers and hits him in the ankle with a chair.
The crowd is chanting “We want Ambrose” when he suddenly reappears and takes the chair to Rollins. He gets the revenge for all those chairshots Ambrose gave him and begins to climb the ladder.
Suddenly, Kane’s pyro explodes from everywhere and the Big Red Machine comes down on the attack. Doesn’t he have his own match?  Ambrose eats a chokeslam and a Tombstone, so he’s out. If Ambrose’s next feud is against Kane, that’s a real bummer. Remember what happened when he feuded with Bryan?
Rollins comes back to life and climbs the ladder to grab the briefcase to earn a title shot. 
9:25 – Winner: Seth Rollins
The Authority comes out to congratulate Rollins on his win. 
Rybaxel vs. Goldust and Stardust
9:31 – It’s time for the best thing WWE had going right now. Of course, that means Stardust. The reason Stardust is working is the same reason Goldust did: Those Rhodes boys will pick up a gimmick and run with it. Cody Rhodes seems committed to making it work and so far, it is.
In fact, he’s even almost entirely changed up his offense. He flies around the ring quite a bit now. The Rhodes brothers run the match until Axel gets the upper hand on Goldust.
JBL is so uninterested in the match that he starts talking about the World Cup. Nobody knows why, but he did. the crowd  will never stop calling Ryback Goldberg. He should grow out his hair a bit.
Finally, Stardust gets the tag and and takes Ryback down a couple pegs. Stardust hits the Crossrhodes (still one of the best finishers around) for two, but it gets broken up by Axel. However, with a rollup, he gets the victory.
9:42 – Winner: Goldust and Stardust
Axel attacks after the match, but the brothers put him in his place.
Fandango’s referee shirt has been bedazzled. If you didn’t expect that, you never watch professional wrestling.
Rusev vs. Big E.

9:50 – Rusev’s ring entrance is very weird. He’s also not great at waving a flag, but he sure is intimidating. Plus, he’s got Lana there to tell everyone how lame America is. In a backstage segment, Big E. uses that same weird voice he used on “Raw.” It’s just as out of place and bizarre here.
As with their previous meetings, this is an impressive “big guy” match, with the high point being Big E. diving through the ropes onto Rusev. Those two are going to be sore tomorrow.
Big E. drops his straps to go for the Big Ending, but Rusev smartly exits the ring. When Big E. comes for him, Rusev delivers a kick, then another. Rusev locks in the Accolade and bends Big E. in half for the submission victory.
10:00 – Winner: Rusev
Backstage, the Bellas are reunited. Stephanie ruins that though, asking why Brie is there since she’s fired. it’s all a clever way to show the video of Stephanie getting dumped in the mud, which is fine. That video on a loop is really entertaining. It’s moments like this that show just how much fun Stephanie is willing to have.
Stephanie then has security eject Brie from the building. Bright side? It’s the first time Nikki Bella has been on TV in a while.
Summer Rae vs. Layla El with Fandango as special guest referee

10:08 – Fandango’s shirt is more over than anyone involved in this match. Layla comes out wearing a mask, which doesn’t bode too well. “Layla has a unique mask” is the only thing the announcers have to say, so obviously she’s destined for great things. She must be missing the LayCool days.
This isn’t so much a technical wrestling mach, as it is two women rolling around on the floor while Fandango smirks a lot. Here come the “CM Punk” chants.
Quickly, Layla gets the pin and the win and the crowd exploded with indifference.
10:14 – Winner: Layla El
Summer is crying in the ring. Actual tears are falling from her eyes. No woman should love a man with so many sequins.
There’s only one match left and it’s for the belts.
Roman Reigns vs. John Cena vs. Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt vs. Sheamus vs. Cesaro vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Kane for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship 
10:21 – But first, here comes The Authority. They’ll be sitting at ringside for the match, which will be very interesting. Is there anyone less likely to win this match than Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio?
They’re in his hometown and still the crowd chants “John Cena sucks” in time with his music. The best thing about Cena is that he smiles it off every single time. Reigns got one of the biggest reactions of the night. The star power on him right now is incredible. This might be the time for WWE to strap a rocket to him and see what happens.
Right off the bat, Reigns clears the ring. Kane takes him out with a chokeslam though. The crowd begins the dueling Cena chants while he’s nowhere to be seen. That must feel great for the guys working hard in the ring.
Wrestlers come and go in the ring, dishing out signature moves. Cesaro and Sheamus end up fighting on top of the ladder while Bray Wyatt crab walked around the ring for no apparent reason. He then took the ladder out from under the two men, who hung onto the titles. Eventually they both fell.
As if the dozen ladders surrounding the ring aren’t enough, Orton grabs another one from under the apron.
Suddenly, everyone in the match is trying to scramble up the ladder, but fails. Kane takes them out one by one, just as a proper Authority goon should. Somehow, Sheamus takes him out, then starts dropping guys left and right. He even takes out Cena with a Brogue Kick.
While Sheamus climbs, Cesaro builds a bridge from the turbuckle and meets him at the top. They exchange punches while guys battle in the ring. Reigns lifts the ladder up and tips it backwards. Before it falls though, it’s stopped by another, leacing it at an angle. Cena lifts it back eventually, before Wyatt takes him out.
Again, all of the competitors are trying to climb the ladder, but Kane helps Orton clean house. Roman Reigns throws out spears, Superman punches and more as he takes a flurry of offense all around the ring. Triple H is not a happy camper, as only Reigns and Cena are left in the ring.
Reigns drops out of an AA and spears Cena ad The Authority tries to wake Kane up. Reigns positions the biggest ladder on earth in the ring and starts climbing before Orton gives him a backbreaker. Before Orton can go up the ladder, Wyatt pops up and hits Sister Abigail. Then Del Rio is in to take him out. Sheamus dumps him off a ladder, though. Then he starts his own climb.
Cesaro nails an uppercut and starts climbing, but Orton hits the RKO. Reigns stops him from going up. THey battle on the ladder and Orton is bleeding all over the place. Suddenly, Kane is back and chokeslams Reigns off the ladder, leaving it all for Orton. Cena is stirring on the outside, though. He picks Kane up for an AA, then yanks Orton down and hits him with one on top of Kane.
Cena climbs the ladder and retrieves the titles, cause he’s going to “Summerslam” to face Brock.
10:55 – Winner: John Cena
He’s a 15-time World Champion now. For comparison, Ric Flair is a 16-time champion.
Overall, it was a solid show that set up many potential stories going forward. The fact that Seth Rollins has a title shot at his disposal is promising.
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