Warning: The above video contains strong language that is not work-appropriate.
With a whole network to fill up, WWE is looking for new programming to bring to its fans. Those expecting wall-to-wall wrestling might be surprised by some of the ideas being tossed around.
Eight different proposed shows were shared with fans via an email survey, most of which don’t include in-ring action. Among the proposed series are “WWE Prankdown,” which features wrestlers pulling practical jokes, and “WWE Ultimate Challenge,” which sounds quite a bit like “The Amazing Race.”
Another familiar-sounding series is “Blackman’s Bounties.” The show features former WWE wrestler Steve Blackman in his career as a bounty hunter, tracking down those who have jumped bail. It’s a lot like “Dog: The Bounty Hunter,” but with a lot more cursing and way less pep talks for those they catch. 

The show’s gimmick seems to be that Blackman’s team of bounty hunters are all trained MMA fighters. Why they would be doing this and not MMA fighting is anyone’s guess.
A four-minute pitch reel for the show has appeared online and, well, it’s something. Given WWE’s stance as a PG product, it’s hard to believe a show like this would actually be part of their programming, With some heavy editing though, anything is possible. Would you watch “Blackman’s Bounties”?

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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