wwe raw april 28 'WWE Raw' April 28 recap: The Shield stands tall, John Cena is serenaded by kids

Previously on: Daniel Bryan was decimated, The Shield and Evolution continued fighting and the WWE Universe voted to make John Cena face the entire Wyatt Family.
The big news: The Nature Boy is back and, if only for a moment, things are amazing. Ric Flair made his “WWE Raw” return to rejoin Triple H, Batista and Randy Orton in Evolution. Naitch isn’t getting any young, but he’s still stylin’ and profilin’.
Before Orton could face Roman Reigns in the main event, Flair had some things. While it was a happy reunion at first, Flair claimed The Shield was the true sign of power in wrestling these days and walked away, leaving Evolution just confused.
Once the match gets started, it doesn’t take long for the members of The Shield and Evolution not in the match to start brawling on the outside. That leads to the match getting thrown out as  everyone starts fighting. It ends with The Shield standing tall, but unable to hit Triple H with the triple powerbomb, much to everyone’s disappointment.

In other news, the show opened with Bray Wyatt’s coolest move yet. It came after John Cena teased a heel turn, asking repeatedly why the WWE Universe voted him into a match he couldn’t possibly win.
That’s when a huge children’s choir walked onto stage to sing “He’s Got the Whole World In His Hands,” Wyatt’s signature tune these days. It got weirder when Wyatt appeared to lead them to the ring, where they surrounded Cena. Then the lights went out. When they turned back on, all of the kids were wearing sheep masks, making for quite the visual. Cena played as if he was truly disturbed by what was unfolding before him.

Of course, he when erased all of that later in the show with a typical Cena promo in which he spoke loud and made silly jokes. Any progress he makes in the Wyatt feud he almost always immediately kills off, which is sad.
Finally, Daniel Bryan returned again and was attacked by Kane again. His feud with the big red machine is being treated like an afterthought, something to keep Stephanie McMahon busy during Evolution’s reunion tour. Brie Bella is getting involved in the shenanigans, as Kane tried going after her as well. Stephanie tried to apologize, but neither of them bought it. Bryan says he will be cleared to compete at “Extreme Rules.” There’s no way they’re going to make Kane champion.
Odds and ends:
  • Hugh Jackman was one of the best celebrity guests in “Raw” history last time. This time out was fun, and he delivered an awesome hip toss, but it just wasn’t as great.
  • No “Extreme Rules” on Dish Network or DirecTV. 
  • Paul Heyman’s knock knock jokes leave a lot to be desired.
  • The Rhodes brothers are on their way to a breakup and it’s very sad.
  • WWE is actually promoting a “WeeLC” match at “Extreme Rules.” Hornswoggle vs. El Torito. Enjoy that.
  • 3MB actually won a match. This is a sign of the end times.
  • Kane segments play like bad scary movies all too often.
  • Bad News Barrett gets the Intercontinental title shot at “Extreme Rules.”
  • Cesaro cost Rob Van Dam that final match in the tournament. Paul Heyman is sending his guy after Van Dam.
  • Seth Rollins talks a lot. It’s not a bad thing.
  • Batista needs a shave badly.
  • The Usos beat Rybaxel
  • Sheamus beat Titus O’Neil
  • Cesaro beat Jack Swagger
  • Alberto Del Rio beat Cody Rhodes
  • 3MB beat Los Matadores
  • Paige vs. Brie Bella ended in a no contest
  • Bad News Barrett beat Rob Van Dam
  • Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns ended in a no contest
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