wwe raw dec 16 'WWE RAW' Dec. 16: Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan in the main event

Previously on: Randy Orton beat John Cena at “TLC” to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Daniel Bryan lost to The Wyatt Family and CM Punk beat The Shield.
The big news: “WWE RAW” starts out with all of the superstars on the stage and The Authority in the ring, ready to celebrate Orton’s achievement. Randy doesn’t get much time in the sun though, because Cena finds a microphone and calls him an idiot, among other things.
He wants Daniel Bryan to get a match against the new champ and The Authority agrees, though Bryan doesn’t get a title shot just yet. This sets up Orton being the whining heel champion all night. He complains in the ring and backstage, presenting himself as a spoiled brat. Just the kind of guy you want as the face of the company. He’s also carrying both titles, by the way. They should just drop the big gold belt and be done with it. It has history, but it’s time for that history to be put to rest.
The match with Bryan is interesting, as Randy has never beaten him clean. He’s always relied on others to do the dirty work.
During the main event, Orton resorts to just about every heel tactic in the book. He even bites Daniel on the knee, a favor Bryan returns in kind. Randy also spends a good amount of time targeting Daniel’s arms to keep him from being able to use submission movies.
They two have a pretty great match, with Orton in control most of the time. Bryan got in a fair amount of offense though and the crowd was with him every step of the way. He even takes it to Orton outside of the ring, throwing him into the barricade.
In the end, Randy realizes he underestimated Daniel and goes for the low blow to cause a disqualification. John Cena runs out to help but ends up eating an RKO. It’s a crumby way to end an otherwise fantastic main event match.
Meanwhile, in CM Punk’s world, he got booked against The Shield again, this time with partners on his side. Before that he called out Triple H in an effort to settle their differences. Instead he got Shawn Michaels, who continued to tread the heel line, telling the fans to shut their mouths and acting like a jerk. This is probably leading to CM Punk vs. Triple H at “Wrestlemania,” but a heel Shawn Michaels is weird, especially since he won’t wrestle again. People don’t want to boo the Heartbreak Kid.
Odds and ends:
  • WWE fans were allowed to pick the WWE Tag Team Championship #1 contenders, from a list of teams who were beat at “TLC.”
  • The announcers posed for selfies during a match, instead of calling it.
  • They also made jokes about Nelson Mandela’s memorial service. It was weird.
  • Bad News Barrett has a gavel now, but he still won’t wrestle.
  • WWE is actually auctioning Slammy Awards, so if you’ve ever wanted a fake trophy, this is your chance
  • WWE has joined Snapchat for some reason.
  • There was only one tutorial on how to install an app this week.
  • Damien Sandow played evil Santa backstage, while Mark Henry played good Santa. The two Santas will fight on the next episode of “RAW.”
  • Brodus Clay attacked Tensai after their match, so he’s real bad guy now.
  • No Vince McMahon after he showed up at “TLC.”
  • Rey Mysterio and Big Show beat Cody Rhodes and Goldust
  • Dolph Ziggler beat Fandango
  • Big E. Langston and Mark Henry beat The Real Americans
  • Ryback and Curtis Axel beat Tons of Funk
  • The Shield beat CM Punk and The Usos
  • AJ Lee, Tamina and Alicia Fox beat Natalya and the Bella Twins
  • Daniel Bryan beat Randy Orton by DQ
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