wwe raw december 9 'WWE RAW' Dec. 9: Daniel Bryan dominates the Slammy Awards and the show

Previously on: The WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship will be unified at “TLC,” when Randy Orton takes on John Cena. CM Punk got put in a match against all of The Shield, while Daniel Bryan will face all three members of The Wyatt Family.
The big news: The only real news was the Slammy Awards, which WWE spent a lot of “RAW” on. Slating the Slammys as the go-home to a pay per view seems like a bad idea, because the storylines need to be focused on. That just wasn’t in the cards though.
Really, the only feud that got attention was the title unification match, which makes sense. It was done with a Championship ascension ceremony, which really only means the two belts were attached to a rope and hoisted into the rafters of the building. They did so with every former WWE and World Champion under contract standing in the ring, even The Great Khali. Triple H tried to talk, but the crowd wouldn’t stop chanting “Daniel Bryan,” while the bearded wrestler stood there with a big, goofy grin. The joys of a show in your hometown are endless.
Even as they moved on with the “ceremony,” the crowd continued to chant for Daniel. Cena, being a smart guy, worked Bryan into his promo and it got the crowd on his side. It’s easily Cena’s best promo in months, as he points out that he’s always up for a fight, while Randy expects that everything to be handed to him. It wasn’t all that different from last week, but it was filled with such conviction that you want to believe he can get the job done.
Of course, it ends in a brawl between Cena and Orton. It looks handled until Orton hits CM Punk and Punk retaliates. Triple H pulls him off, so Punk fires back. Shawn Michaels hits him with Sweet Chin Music and Bryan retaliates with a running knee. Orton goes for the RKO but gets shoved off into Stephanie McMahon, knocking her out. A furious Triple H then pedigrees Orton, as the crowd continues to chant “Daniel Bryan.”
The revisionist history WWE is showing by disregarding the last time the titled were unified isn’t all that surprising. It’s been over a decade since Chris Jericho beat Steve Austin and The Rock on the same night to join the titles, so most of the WWE fan base wouldn’t remember such a thing.
Odds and ends:
  • Mick Foley got his cheap pop and hassled Daniel Bryan for stealing his gimmick
  • The Bella Twins acceptance speech was very uncomfortable, improvisation isn’t their thing
  • Shawn Michaels played cranky, egotistical old man heel and it worked
  • The New Age Outlaws stole their suits from The Godfather
  • None of the “Laugh Out Loud” Moment nominees were funny, they were more sad
  • WWE tried to teach the audience how to install a phone app twice
  • The crowd could not get enough of Daniel Bryan, even though he was out in the arena several times
Slammy Winners:
  • Superstar of the Year: Daniel Bryan
  • Match of the Year: John Cena vs. The Rock
  • Laugh Out Loud Moment of the Year: The Rock mocking Vickie Guerrero
  • Double Cross of the Year: Shawn Michaels turns on Daniel Bryan
  • Diva of the Year: The Bella Twins
  • Fan Participation Award: Daniel Bryan
  • Insult of the Year: Stephanie McMahon
  • Extreme Moment of the Year: CM Punk attacks Paul Heyman at “Hell in a Cell”
  • “What a Maneuver” Award: Roman Reigns’ Spear
  • Faction of the Year: The Shield
  • “You Still Got It” Award: Rob Van Dam
  • Couple of the Year: Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella
  • Tag Team of the Year: Cody Rhodes and Goldust
  • Feat of Strength of the Year: Mark Henry pulls two trucks with his bare hands
  • “Say What?!” Quote of the Year: “One stipulation: I’m in my boys’ corner and I’ll be your huckleberry all night long.” – Dusty Rhodes
  • Best Dance Moves: The Funkadactyls
  • Favorite Web Show: “The JBL and Cole Show”
  • Best Crowd of the Year: “RAW” after “Wrestlemania 29”
  • Catchphrase of the Year: “YES! YES! YES!”
  • Breakout Star of the Year: The Shield
  • “This is Awesome” Moment of the Year: Big Show knocks out Triple H
  • Trending Now Award: #BelieveInTheShield
  • Beard of the Year: Daniel Bryan
  • Daniel Bryan beat Fandango
  • Damien Sandow beat Big E. Langston
  • The Miz beat Kofi Kingston
  • Rey Mysterio, Big Show, Goldust and Cody Rhodes beat Ryback, Curtis Axel and The Real Americans
  • Sin Cara beat Alberto Del Rio
  • Brodus Clay beat Xavier Woods
  • CM Punk beat Dean Ambrose
  • The Wyatt Family beat The Usos
  • Natalya beat Tamina
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