wwe raw feb 3 'WWE RAW' Feb. 3 recap: Fans want CM Punk but they'll take Daniel Bryan

Previously on: Daniel Bryan, John Cena and Sheamus qualified for the “Elimination Chamber” match, but CM Punk was nowhere to be seen after walking out on the company earlier in the day.
The big news: CM Punk is still gone and the fans chanted for him all night long. It’s going to be anarchy when “WWE RAW” heads to his hometown of Chicago in a few weeks.
Randy Orton continued to whine about the odds being stacked against him, leading the Authority to book him against each of the “Elimination Chamber” competitors over the next few weeks. It started off with Orton vs. Bryan for “RAW’s” main event.
The two had a hard-hitting match that was a true highlight of the night. Not even an interference by Kane would take away from it. Having Kane run in shows that WWE is likely moving forward with Bryan vs. Triple H at “Wrestlemania XXX,” though.

After the match, Kane and Orton attacked Bryan, ending the show with a chokeslam and Bryan flat on the mat.
Batista was set to announce who he wanted to face at “Wrestlemania XXX,” but before that could happen Alberto Del Rio interrupted him. Batista still can’t figure out what Del Rio’s problem is, but gets hit in the face with the microphone all the same. Del Rio runs before Batista can retaliate, and now the two will have a likely match at “Elimination Chamber.” A good way to keep Batista occupied until “Wrestlemania.”

The New Age Outlaws successfully defended the WWE Tag Team Championship against Cody Rhodes and Goldust in an entertaining cage match. The Outlaws are playing almost a comedy role as they play the guys who are “too old for this” during their matches. With such a strong tag division, that act can only work for so long.
Cody landed a big moonsault from the top of the cage, but Billy Gunn was still able to get the pin after a Famouser.
Odds and ends:

  • John Cena was out with injury but there were no chants for him.
  • Bad News Barrett has to be leading somewhere, but it’s taking way too long to get there.
  • Betty White is coming to “RAW” next week. Who will she powerbomb?
  • There was a rare in-ring appearance from Zack Ryder on “RAW.”
  • WWE is relaxing their blood rules a bit more. It’s nowhere near as bad as it once was, but the awkward cuts to avoid it don’t seem to be happening as much.
  • After sitting in the audience for over a month, WWE finally introduced Emma and her terrible dance.
  • Mark Henry returns next week.
  • Where did Brodus Clay go?
  • The Shield beat Rey Mysterio, Big E. Langston and Kofi Kingston
  • Christian beat Jack Swagger
  • New Age Outlaws beat Cody Rhodes and Goldust
  • Titus O’Neil beat Zack Ryder
  • Emma beat Summer Rae in a dance contest
  • Sheamus beat Curtis Axel
  • The Wyatt Family beat Dolph Ziggler, R Truth and Xavier Woods
  • Naomi beat Aksana
  • Daniel Bryan beat Randy Orton
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