wwe raw june 30 recap 'WWE Raw' June 30 recap: Chris Jericho returns, AJ Lee gets her baby back

Previously on: John Cena is the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins is Mr. “Money in the Bank.”
The big news: Chris Jericho is back and nothing else matters. The savior of WWE is here to liven the show up one more time, and it looks like he’s heading into a feud with Bray Wyatt.
Really, is there any better recipe for success in modern WWE than Jericho vs. Wyatt? After his last run in WWE didn’t exactly sizzle, this is the perfect place for Jericho. A promising young talent that can work, who will also greatly benefit from being in the ring with the veteran. If they can carry this feud out until “Summerslam,” it should be something incredibly special.
Truthfully, this was a fantastic episode of “WWE Raw.” They followed up Cena’s title win strongly, with The Authority putting their faith into Randy Orton and Seth Rollins, while not tearing the champion down. They set a Fatal 4-Way main event of Cena vs. Orton vs. Roman Reigns vs. Kane for “Battleground,” and booked the four men into a main event tag team bout that delivered.

The other surprise of the night was the return of AJ Lee, fresh off her marriage to CM Punk. She appeared simply to goad Paige into a title rematch, which she promptly won and became champion once again.
While AJ being back was great, this feels like a short-sighted idea. Paige has been progressing greatly as the champion and now it just feels like she was brought up to fill in for AJ while she went on vacation.

Odds and ends:
  • Bad News Barrett has been stripped of the Intercontinental Championship due to injury.
  • John Cena was named the cover star for “WWE 2K15.”
  • Jack Swagger and Rusev seemed destined to feud. For the good of America.
  • The Miz also returned, which felt like a minor happening overall.
  • Damien Sandow was Vince McMahon tonight.
  • Seth Rollins beat Rob Van Dam
  • The Wyatt Family beat Sheamus and The Usos
  • Cameron and Naomi beat Nikki Bella
  • Kofi Kingston beat Cesaro
  • The Great Khali beat Damien Sandow
  • Dolph Ziggler beat Fandango
  • Goldust and Stardust beat RybAxel
  • AJ Lee beat Paige for the Divas Championship
  • John Cena and Roman Reigns beat Kane and Randy Orton by DQ
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