wwe raw march 24 recap 'WWE Raw' March 24 recap: The Undertaker brings Brock Lesnar druids and a coffin

Previously on: The big advancement toward “Wrestlemania” was the masterful attack of Daniel Bryan by Triple H. It was truly one of the best moments of buildup for the big show we’ve seen yet. There wasn’t a ton else to note last week. The Shield are babyfaces now, though. So it looks like their breakup is on the backburner. It’s probably a good idea, that unit is just to good to separate.
The big news: After now appearing on “WWE Raw” last week, The Undertaker was in the house. It was the first time this year he brought out the old druid and coffin gimmick the character is known for. It all followed Heyman and Lesnar in the ring, talking about how Undertaker’s days were numbered.
Unfortunately, Taker did exactly what he’s already done: Beat down Lesnar. Everyone knows Brock is going to lose at “Wrestlemania,” but WWE needs to make fans believe that might not be the case. Lesnar is a monster and should be portrayed as such. Thus far, that’s not happening. Thre’s only one “Raw” left to make that happen, so next week he needs to destroy Undertaker, casting doubt in the Dead man going into the big show.
Daniel Bryan, on the other hand, was completely absent from the show. Taking the man who gets by far the most and loudest cheers and removing him from the show is a curious move. Instead, “Raw” opened with Stephanie McMahon, Randy Orton and Batista … Three people the crowd absolutely hates. Instead of someone coming out to shut them up, which Bryan could have done, the men talked trash about each other and brawled, while the crowd chanted “boring.”
Things didn’t go any better later in the night when Triple H and Michael Cole has a “sit down interview” in the middle of the ring. Still no Bryan, but more “boring” chants.
John Cena and Bray Wyatt were one of the more interesting developments of the evening. They’re heavily playing up that Wyatt has gotten inside Cena’s head and is making him question his legacy. The only misstep was having Cena look in a mirror and seeing a sheep mask behind him. The viewer seeing that on camera makes it all feel a bit more fake than they’d like to admit.
Finally, the new good guy version of The Shield will fight Kane and the New Age Outlaws at “Wrestlemania,” which is sort of disappointing for fans that have been loving their act so much over the last year. At least they’re on the card, though.
Odds and ends:
  • Scott Hall, under the name Razor Ramon, is the next inductee for the WWE Hall of Fame. It’s interesting that Hall is going in before Kevin Nash, but Hall’s redemption over the last couple years is a story that needs to be told. Plus, it’s Razor and he’s the best.
  • It’s sad that The Miz is still boasting about his “Wrestlemania 27” main event match.
  • Hulk Hogan doesn’t know how to say Joe Manganiello at all.
  • The Brooklyn crowd was rowdy, as CM Punk chants persisted throughout the night.
  • Sin Cara was escorted to the ring by Scooby-Doo. Just take a minute to let that soak in.
  • Ryback used to fight for the WWE Title. Tonight, he lost a tag match in a minute to Los Matadores.
  • Road Dogg and Billy Gunn in suits feels wrong.
  • Not putting the Brooklyn Brwler on the show in some capacity should be a crime when they are in the Barclays Center.
  • Vickie Guerrero is a face now? A.J. has to defend her Divas Title against every single diva at “Wrestlemania.” This should be interesting, but Vickie needs to never laugh ever.
  • Christian beat Alberto Del Rio, Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus
  • Sin Cara beat Damien Sandow
  • Los Matadores beat Ryback and Curtis Axel
  • Cody Rhodes beat Fandango
  • Big Show beat Titus O’Neil
  • John Cena and Luke Harper ended in a no contest
  • Naomi beat A.J. Lee by count out
  • Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose beat The Real Americans
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