wwe raw may 12 recap 'WWE Raw' May 12 recap: Daniel Bryan undergoing neck surgery

Previously on: Evolution and The Shield took center stage as their feud continued. “WWE Raw” ended with Triple H and his veteran buddies standing tall over the Hounds of Justice. Then Daniel Bryan’s ongoing storyline with Kane went to silly new levels when they fought on top of a car. Yes, really.
The big news: The major development of the night is actually rather sad. Daniel Bryan has sustained a neck injury and will be undergoing surgery on Thursday (May 15). There’s no announced estimate for how long he’ll be out or whether he will be stripped of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.
After his injury announcement, WWE sent him out with another attack by Kane and no clue as to when he’ll be seen again on TV.
The main story continued to be the ongoing battle between Evolution and The Shield. The Shield opened the show with a promo and declared their intentions to get Evolution back for ambushing them last week. In the end, they did it more than once. They attacked the veterans backstage, then again as Evolution had their own promo time in the ring.

That’s when Batista threw out a main event challenge to Roman Reigns, who accepted. Their match didn’t get far before the referee had to throw it out when he lost control. That’s when Stephanie McMahon sent in every heel on the roster to beat The Shield down. It didn’t work, though. Not only did they clear the ring of half the roster, they also dealt with Evolution and ended the episode looking strong.
The feud between John Cena and Bray Wyatt didn’t really advance at all. Cena and The Usos won a six-man tag against the Wyatt Family, but it all felt rather stale. Maybe this feud has run its course?

Odds and ends:
  • The “Total Divas” plots becoming Divas matches is a really silly development.
  • Fandango proclaims his love for Layla. Eat your heart out, Summer Rae. The world could have done without the making out, though.
  • If an employee shoved their boss, like Brie Bella did to Stephanie McMahon, she’d immediately be fired.
  • Is there a use of “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan that isn’t a waste of TV time?
  • Alexander Rusev vs. Big E. is the feud no one will care about of the year.
  • Adam Rose still has the coolest entrance on the planet. All aboard the Exotic Express.
  • Rob Van Dam beat Jack Swagger
  • Paige beat Alicia Fox
  • John Cena and The Usos beat The Wyatt Family
  • Nikki Bella beat Natalya
  • Sheamus beat Curtis Axel
  • Sheamus beat Ryback
  • Dolph Ziggler beat Fandango
  • Cody Rhodes beat Damien Sandow
  • Batista vs. Roman Reigns ended in a no contest
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