wwe raw may 19 recap 'WWE Raw' May 19 recap: Daniel Bryan to surrender WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Previously on: Daniel Bryan injured his neck and underwent surgery on Thursday. It’s not known how long he’ll be out of action or whether he’ll have to relinquish the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.
The big news: It looks like Daniel Bryan will be stripped of his title. With “WWE Raw” in the UK this week, Bryan wasn’t in attendance. It sounds like he will be next week though, and Stephanie McMahon demands that he surrenders the title. Stephanie ran through a list of names she’d like to award the title to in place of Bryan, with Bar News Barrett being the only one to get cheers.
It he’s actually stripped of the belt it’s a sad thing, but also completely understandable. WWE needs to promote their programming and having a series of pay per views without a championship match makes that more difficult. With the stock price dropping and the WWE Network so new, they need whatever they can get.
The Shield vs. Evolution II at “Payback” will be a no holds barred elimination match, so it’s going to be an even crazier.  The two sides couldn’t keep anything contained on “Raw,” with Seth Rollins vs. Batista falling apart. Batista almost took a triple powerbomb, but no such luck.

As John Cena heads into his third straight pay per view match against Bray Wyatt, he got the main event match against Luke Harper. The two had a pretty good match, but in the end the Family played the numbers game to overpower Cena and end the show with him knocked out on the stage.
Odds and ends:
  • UK crowds are awesome. They’re like a “Raw” after “Wrestlemania” crowd
  • Summer Rae is back and hates Layle for taking Fandango from her. Riveting TV.
  • WWE showing love to NXT on “Raw” is very reassuring.
  • Third “Raw” appearance and Adam Rose is still the coolest guy in the room.
  • Please always have German commentators at ringside.
  • Beat the Clock returned tonight. Rob Van Dam won an Intercontinental Championship match at “Payback.”
  • With so many rematches set for “Payback,” the lack of depth on the roster is more apparent than ever.
  • How on Earth did Alicia Fox become the top heel Diva?

  • Cesaro beat Sheamus
  • Big E. beat Ryback
  • Alexander Rusec beat Heath Slater
  • Rob Van Dam beat Alberto Del Rio
  • Seth Rollins beat Batista by DQ
  • Alicia Fox beat Paige
  • Dolph Ziggler and Mark Henry fought to a draw
  • John Cena beat Luke Harper by DQ
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