wwe raw may 5 recap 'WWE Raw' May 5 recap: The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family in the main event

Previously on: “Extreme Rules” brought victories to Daniel Bryan, Bray Wyatt and The Shield, all of whom overcame the WWE veterans. Bad News Barrett won the Intercontinental title and Kane was taken to the ring via forklift, which is about as weird as it sounds.
The big news: “WWE Raw” was a night for The Shield, as they heavily featured in the opening bout and the main event. The show opened with a 20-man battle royal with Dean Ambrose’s United States Championship on the line, which he ended up losing to Sheamus.
After the loss, which was fair and square, Triple H took to the stage to mock him about it and book The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family in the main event.
Like all of the other times these teams have met, the match was fantastic … that is, until Evolution showed up as The Shield was going for the triple powerbomb on Bray Wyatt. The Hounds of Justice still did alright, taking out Evolution. However, it was just the distraction Bray needed to hit Sister Abigail on Roman Reigns for the win.
After the match, Evolution dismantled The Shield, including a top rope DDT from Randy Orton to Seth Rollins and a very weak-looking spinebuster from Batista to Ambrose. The show ends with Evolution using The Shield’s patented triple powerbomb on Reigns, which was a nice touch. Unfortunately, he was also bleeding from the mouth. If it’s legitimate, hopefully he’s OK.
While The Shield and The Wyatts were used in a great way on the show, Daniel Bryan continued his feud with Kane and it actually got sillier. Brie Bella was back around and Bryan wanted to leave to go home to keep her safe. Instead, Stephanie McMahon booked him against Alberto Del Rio. The two had a decent match, Bryan won, and Kane’s music hit. 
Bryan grabbed his wife and they ran away to their car. His plan was to leave while still wearing his trunks, but the car wouldn’t start. Because he’s the common man, Bryan went under the hood and actually fixed the car. While he was under there Kane popped up though. The two brawled a bit before Kane was knocked out on the roof. Bryan sped off and Kane fell on the ground.
Logic says keep going, but Daniel got out of the car and went to check on Kane, who sat up. Then he ran to the car and left. It was all just so silly, punctuated by Brie’s constant terrible screaming. Is it so wrong to just let Bryan wrestle? He’s sort of good at it.
Finally, Adam Rose debuted and it was amazing. His character is funny, different and comes with an entourage of party people that includes someone in a rabbit costume. He also gets crowd-surfed around the ring by his friends. What’s not to love?
Odds and ends:
  • Stephanie McMahon should stop calling him The Demon Kane, it sounds lame.
  • The Rhodes brothers are obviously headed toward a feud. They should just get there already.
  • The never-ending feud between 3MB and Los Matadores really will never end.
  • Why doesn’t Lana use the shirtless photo of Putin for her promos?
  • How much of WWE’s audience actually knows who Edward Snowden is?
  • Daniel Bryan was wearing the World Heavyweight Championship upside down. What’s what about?
  • WWE mocking Mr. T’s Hall of Fame speech will definitely make other celebrities want to get involved.
  • Adam Rose officially has the best entrance of any wrestler ever.
  • No John Cena in sight during the show.
  • There was also no divas match.
  • Sheamus won a 20-man battle royal for the United States Championship
  • Rob Van Dam beat Cesaro by DQ
  • Ryback beat Cody Rhodes
  • Alexander Rusev beat Kofi Kingston
  • Daniel Bryan beat Alberto Del Rio
  • Bad News Barrett beat Big E.
  • The Wyatt Family beat The Shield
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