wwe raw nov 11 'WWE RAW' Nov. 11: CM Punk and Daniel Bryan stand tall, Kane is sort of in charge

Previously on: Big Show got his job back, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon gave Kane a fancy corporate job and a suit and Randy Orton for the last laugh. Plus CM Punk and Daniel Bryan helped each other out with their little Wyatt Family problem.
The big news: “WWE RAW” was broadcasting from London this week, so nothing too amazing happened. Much of the show felt like a placeholder for when they’re back in the United States next week, leading into “Survivor Series.”
It all started with WWE Champion Orton in the ring, while the various authority figures (Kane, Brad Maddox and Vicki Guerrero) argued over who was in charge, while Triple H and Stephanie were “on vacation.” In the end, Vicky put Orton in a handicap match, Kane put John Cena in one, and Maddox set up Punk and Bryan vs. The Shield.
If the goal was to make Kane a corporate threat that would be useful to Triple H and Stephanie, the show failed miserably as he came off like another whining GM, a market Brad Maddox has cornered.
John Cena had a little screen time, but he’s definitely taken a backseat to bigger stories since his return. It’s interesting to see him working in the middle of the card, rather than the main event. He got a win over The Real Americans, but Alberto Del Rio attacked after. Big E. Langston made the save, so perhaps there’s an alliance in there somewhere.
Paul Heyman made his glorious return in a wheelchair with Curtis Axel backing him up. He disowned Ryback, blaming him for the beating Punk gave him at “Hell in a Cell.” Punk appeared though and gave him another one, so who knows where that blame will land.
The Wyatt Family used that opportunity to attack Punk, but Bryan made the save. They try to attack Punk and Bryan again during the main event, but end up brawling with The Shield, ending that match in a no contest. Eventually the two teams find themselves on the same page and surround Punk and Bryan for a six-on-two beat down. The Usos and the Rhodes brothers run in to even up the odds, ending the show with a huge brawl. No new ground was broken, but it was entertaining and sent the fans home happy.
  • Cody Rhodes and Goldust beat Randy Orton by count out
  • Santino Marella and Los Matadores beat 3MB
  • Damien Sandow beat Jofi Kingston
  • Curtis Axel beat Dolph Ziggler
  • Tamina beat Nikki Bella
  • Fandango beat Tyson Kidd
  • John Cena beat The Real Americans
  • R-Truth beat Ryback
  • Alberto Del Rio beat Big E. Langston
  • Daniel Bryan and CM Punk vs. The Shield ended in a no contest
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