wwe raw nov 4 big show 'WWE RAW' Nov. 3: Big Show and Triple H settle things, Kane wears a tie for some reason

Previously on: Daniel Bryan got moved away from the WWE Championship and into either a story with Shawn Michaels or the Wyatt Family. Since Michaels doesn’t wrestle, the Wyatts seem like the more likely option. CM Punk is also wrapped up in that, after the Family attacked him as well.
Even with Randy Orton as the new WWE Champion, the chief rivalry continues to be Triple H vs. Big Show. That likely means it will end up being Orton vs. Big Show at “Survivor Series,” since Triple H doesn’t wrestle much.
Elsewhere, John Cena returned to “RAW” as World Heavyweight Champion. Damien Sandow tried to cash in Money in the Bank but failed to win the title.
Oh, and for some reason Kane unmasked (again) to declare his allegiance to Stephanie McMahon.
The big news: This week’s “WWE RAW” was pretty slow the first couple of hours. The show kicked off with the next step in CM Punk and Daniel Bryan’s feud with the Wyatt Family. Punk beat Luke Harper, but Wyatt and his goons attacked after the bell. Bryan made the save with a chair to clear the ring.
In the ongoing saga of The Authority and the Big Show, Stephanie McMahon informs Triple H that the WWE Board of Directors have insisted that they settle Big Show’s lawsuit without going to court. If you didn’t understand how or why Big Show was suing the company, they replayed the video package outlining it three or four times, so you have no excuse.
While The Authority wants to settle things behind closed doors, Big Show says he’ll only do it in the ring, so there’s your main event. Triple H assumed Big Show just wants money to make it all go away. All show really wants is his job back, though. “As hard as you make it to work here, this is a fantastic place to work,” he says.
Of course, Triple H mocks him for wanting his job back and tries to turn him down before Stephanie cuts him off. She gives Show his job. The giant accepts and steals some more of Daniel Bryan’s “Yes” chant thunder.
Then Big Show starts to throw in stipulations, like wanting to be the face of WWE. Cue The Shield, though Stephanie looks like it wasn’t her idea. Triple H has them surround the ring to intimidate Show, but the big man knows he’s got the lawsuit hanging over their head so he won’t leave without a title match at “Survivor Series.”
Triple H tries to intimidate him some more, but it doesn’t work and Show starts walking out saying the lawsuit will go through. Before he can leave the arena, Hunter stops him, realizing he’s screwed. Big Show wins, getting his “Survivor Series” match against Randy Orton.
Triple H has to end things with the upper-hand, so he immediately puts the newly rehired Big Show in a handicapped match against The Shield and Randy Orton. Show takes care of all of them until Kane appears, in a suit and tie of all things. He distracts Show just enough to allow for the RKO. Kane tosses them Shield and Orton chairs, which they use to continue beating Big Show then putting him through the announce table.
Who would have thought they could actually make Kane more weird by dressing him like a normal person?
  • CM Punk beat Luke Harper
  • Ryback beat The Great Khali
  • Alberto Del Rio beat Kofi Kingston
  • Randy Orton beat Big E. Langston
  • Tyson Kidd and Natalya beat Fandango and Summer Rae
  • John Cena, Cody Rhodes and Goldust beat Damien Sandow and The Real Americans
  • Dolph Ziggler beat Curtis Axel
  • The Usos beat 3MB
  • Eva Marie and he Bella Twins beat A.J. Lee, Tamina Snuka and Aksana
  • Big Show beat Randy Orton and The Shield by disqualification
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