sting wwe raw wcw 'WWE Raw': Sting teasing surprise appearance?

Is it possible that wrestling legend Sting is finally making his way to WWE? There has been talk about it happening ever since WCW shut its doors in 2001, but it’s never come to pass.
Times may have changed, though. Sting (real name: Steve Borden) left TNA in late 2013 and hasn’t been seen much since. However, there are reports that he will be part of “WWE 2K15,” the company’s next video game title. Borden also appeared on a WWE Network special about the Ultimate Warrior after his passing.
Now, Sting is teasing something major is happening on July 14. After being absent from Twitter since April, he tweeted a photo of himself and the message “07.14.14.” It just so happens that date is Monday, which is the next episode of “WWE Raw.”
The tease could mean many things. It may simply be the official announcement that Sting will be part of the new WWE video game. However, it could also be his “WWE Raw” debut. For years, fans have been aching to see Sting battle The Undertaker at “Wrestlemania.” Is this where that slow build begins?

Of course, the announcement could also have nothing at all to do with WWE. Wrestlers are, if anything, great at promoting. Sting could easily be using the rumors about a possible WWE arrival to his advantage for something completely unrelated.
Time will tell, but luckily July 14 isn’t very far away.

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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