royal rumble 2014 predictions wwe 'WWE Royal Rumble' 2014 recap: Batista is going to 'Wrestlemania XXX'

The stage is set for “Wrestlemania XXX” following the 2014 “Royal Rumble.” After entering late in the match, Batista won the “Royal Rumble,” last eliminating Roman Reigns. That’s his one-way ticket to the “Wrestlemania” main event, where he will presumably fight Randy Orton for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.
Of course, that means Orton retained his title against John Cena. It looked like Cena might get a win, but the Wyatt Family showed up to ruin things. It looks like Cena vs. Bray Wyatt at “Wrestlemania” is the direction they’re going with that.
The “Rumble” featured a few surprises but nothing too crazy. The most important thing to note is how irate the crowd seemed most of the night. They weren’t pleased with a lot of WWE’s choices in the show, including keeping Daniel Bryan out of the “Rumble.” When number 30 turned out to be Rey Mysterio, the audience took turns booing and chanting for Bryan. That was followed with a lot of “No” chants. The people know who they paid to see and they weren’t satisfied with what they were given
Sheamus, Kevin Nash and JBL were the only surprising faces, but CM Punk entering at number one and lasting until the final four was quite a feat. In the end, he was eliminated by Kane, who pulled him over the top rope. It makes sense, as Punk is on the road to a fight with Triple H at “Wrestlemania.”

As expected, Brock Lesnar got a strong win over Big Show, but followed it with a vicious chair attack that will give the giant some time off. Once “Elimination Chamber” is out of the way, Brock can get ready to fight Undertaker.
Bryan lost his match against Wyatt, which the crowd hated, and the New Age Outlaws winning the WWE Tag Team Championships, an incredibly confusing move. Those were the things WWE got out of the way quickly before moving onto the meat of the show. Still, fans were rallying behind Bryan all night, even if he wasn’t seen after his loss. They can’t kill the fan support he has, no matter how hard they try.

It’s going to be an interesting show to follow up Monday on “RAW.”
  • New Age Outlaws beat Cody Rhodes and Goldust to become WWE Tag Team Champions
  • Bray Wyatt beat Daniel Bryan
  • Brock Lesnar beat Big Show
  • Randy Orton beat John Cena
  • Batista won the “Royal Rumble”
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