jerry lawler andy kaufman wrestlemania WWE's Jerry Lawler wants Andy Kaufman 'Wrestlemania' match

The great mystery behind whether the late comedian Andy Kaufman is actually dead or alive is one that will continue to be questioned, as long as people want to believe he faked his own death. Even one of his good friends, WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler, isn’t quite so sure anymore. Lawler and Kaufman had a legendary wrestling rivalry, when Andy went to Memphis to play the evil Hollywood elitist.
Kaufman’s name reappeared in the news when a woman claiming to be his daughter showed up at the 9th annual Andy Kaufman Awards in New York City on Monday (November 11). She said that Andy faked his death and was a stay-at-home dad who doesn’t leave the house much.
It was found out fairly quickly that the “daughter” bares a striking resemblance to New York actress Alexandra Tatarsky, with the whole thing being exposed as, more or less, a hoax.
Lawler thinks there’s still a possibility Andy faked his death, though. “Andy and I worked together back in the day, and I feel like we became really pretty close friends,” he tells MTV News. “I know that Andy talked even back then a lot about the idea that the ultimate prank that he could ever pull would be to fake his own death and then come back 10 or 15 years later.”
Lawler admits he’s always been “a little skeptical” about Andy’s untimely demise from lung cancer, even though he wasn’t a smoker. These days, he’s not sure what to believe, but doesn’t think Andy’s brother is the type who would pull off that kind of prank. 
If Kaufman is alive, Lawler hopes to find out and meet him in the ring once more. “It would be a perfect match for a main event at ‘Wrestlemania’,” he says, noting that Andy’s entrance theme song would probably by “New York Groove” by KISS.
For a bit of a history lesson, check out Andy and Jerry’s appearance on “Late Night with David Letterman” from 1982. As a warning, it contains quite a bit of foul language.

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