winona judd michael scott cactus moser husband walks again gi Wynonna Judd's husband Scott 'Cactus' Moser walks again after leg amputation

It’s a week of celebration for country singer Wynonna Judd. Currently appearing on “Dancing with the Stars,” Judd spoke with People about some very happy news in her personal life on Monday. Her husband has taken his first steps since having a leg amputated in August.
Scott ‘Cactus’ Moser was in a motorcycle accident last August that made it necessary to amputate one of his legs. However, he’s now been outfitted with a prosthetic leg, taking its place. “After eight months of waiting,” Judd says, “he walked towards me for the first time two days ago.”
When asked about the prosthesis, she says, “It freaked me out because I’ve seen him in a wheelchair and using a walker, and he just walked towards me and I was like, ‘Wow.’ I was so stunned,” adding, “I saw the wreck, I saw him lose the leg.”
She says Moser always kept a good attitude. “He’s so positive. I call him Mr. Happy-Go-Lucky.” With his ability to walk restored, he has quite a bit to be happy about.

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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