david duchovny gillian anderson x files 20th anniversary comic con fox 'X Files' 20th anniversary set for Comic Con 2013: Will David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson be there?“The X-Files” is making its way to San Diego this summer to celebrate its 20th anniversary at Comic-Con International 2013. (Yeah, you read that right, 20th anniversary.)

An ad appeared in TV Guide Magazine’s July 1 issue announcing the panel, informing that the celebration would take place on Thursday (July 18). Scheduled to attend are creator Chris Carter, as well as writer/producers David Amann, Vince Gilligan, Howard Gordon, Darin Morgan, Glen Morgan, John Shiban and Jim Wong. Gilligan and Gordon, of course, went on to fame with “Breaking Bad” and “24,” respectively.

But what about Mulder and Scully? The ad says “more guests to come,” without including a mention of either David Duchovny or Gillian Anderson. Anderson’s official website says the actress will be in attendance, however there’s no word on Duchovny.

We suppose the truth is out there, somewhere.

Are you looking forward to the 20th anniversary of “The X-Files” at Comic-Con?

Posted by:Billy Nilles