famke janssen finds creepy childrens book lonely doll gi 'X Men' actress Famke Janssen calls cops on creepy children's book

Is Famke Janssen being haunted by a creepy children’s book? Whether she is or not, the “X-Men” actress called the New York City police to report a home invasion. Her proof that something had happened: A copy of a book called “The Lonely Doll” was left in her bedroom.

Since Janssen claims to have never seen the book before, the two obvious explanations are a) a home invasion in which someone left a book for some meaningful or meaningless reason, or b) ghosts. Although option a is more likely, option b would make a better movie.

The book itself, a story published in 1957, supports the creepiest of theories. It tells the tale of a doll named Edith who had no one to play with until she met a couple of bears. They became the best of friends, and no one was ever lonely ever again.

famke janssen lonely doll creepy book 'X Men' actress Famke Janssen calls cops on creepy children's bookSweet, right? It’s also disturbing, thanks to a creepy cover and lines (quoted in New York Magazine) like “Just wait and see what fun we’ll have!” More worrisome, however, is the idea that someone made it into the actress’ Greenwich Village home for the sole purpose of leaving a book. Is there a deeper meaning? Or is it just a left-behind story?

Posted by:Laurel Brown