rene amaro krajcik getty 'X Factor': Melanie Amaro, Josh Krajcik or Chris Rene   Who will win?From more than 200,000 entrants, the competition on “The X Factor” is down to its final three: Melanie Amaro, Josh Krajcik and Chris Rene. Within hours, one of these singers will win $5 million and a record deal. But who will it be?

Each of these finalists has their own strengths and weaknesses as they enter their last performances on the show. Some deliver on vocal strength, while others have a unique stage presence. We’ve decided to look at these three and examine their strengths and weaknesses. After all of that, we’ll announce our prediction on who is going home with the top prize.


Why she’ll win: Amaro has the best voice in the competition. Because viewership of this show tends to skew female, she should benefit from this. The Floridian also has Simon Cowell in her corner, and believe it or not, he has a lot of influence in this process.

Why she won’t win: Amaro doesn’t have the most dynamic personality, and in competitions like this, relating to the voters is key. Plus her song selections range from diva ballads to…well…diva ballads. Fans want diversity from their performers, just ask Drew Ryniewicz.


Why he’ll win
: Krajcik’s the contestant that’s easiest to relate to and that goes a
long way. He’s also demonstrated a full range of skills, performing
everything from ballads to hard rock. His voice exudes soul and
real-life experience that will deliver the votes from America’s

Why he won’t win: Krajcik isn’t the most savvy in terms of working the
social media angle of the voting. Amaro and Rene both have nearly twice
as many Twitter followers as the 75,000 Krajcik has. And, at the end of
the day, “The X Factor” winner will be determined based on total number
of votes. Also rockers don’t typically fare as well as pop stars
do in these competitions.


Why he’ll win: He’s a charmer and has the best stage presence of the final three. Rene’s performance of his original song “Where Do We Go From Here” moved him from an also-ran to a front runner because it showed an unexpected range. His heartwarming story of overcoming addiction will make people want to vote for him.

Why he won’t win: He has the weakest voice of the three. This pretty much sums up the point. If viewers vote exclusively on vocal range and strength of voice, Rene doesn’t stand a chance.


This is actually pretty easy. The winner of “The X Factor” will be Melanie Amaro. Her voice is what people will pay attention to and what they’ll vote on. Rene doesn’t have the vocal power to match Amaro and that will prove his undoing. While Krajcik can match (and sometimes beat) Amaro in terms of vocal strength, he doesn’t appeal to the pop music fans who watch the show. If “The X Factor” was a competition where all the songs were Classic Rock and Soul, Krajcik would have won weeks ago. But that’s not the case. So Amaro will win.

Posted by:David Eckstein