rachel crow x factor 'X Factor': Nicole Scherzinger booed, Marcus Canty's lucky song and the rowdy crowdHoly cow! What an elimination night on “The X Factor.”
While nothing could be as dramatic as Rachel Crow crumpling to the stage, the audience reaction was a close second. And there was other behind-the-scenes intrigue at the singing

Here the best of what happened when the cameras stopped rolling:

We’ve got the beat?Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid both sat quietly and seemingly unimpressed during Lenny Kravitz’s performance. By contrast, Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger were out of their seats taking it in as if it was a concert. And it kinda was.

Play it again SamMarcus Canty saw success a few weeks ago with his performance of “I’m Going Down.” And he went back to the well with Mary J. Blige, who herself covered the song in 1995, in the house. Perhaps that’s what pulled him back from the brink again.

Don’t hold your breath – Nicole had a wild night. But perhaps her mood was settled slightly when the house DJ played her song “Don’t Hold Your Breath.” Perhaps that was targeted at Rachel.

Public Enemy #1 – After the show was over, the crowd wasn’t done giving Nicole an earful for not sending Marcus home. Show goers were yelling out things like “Nicole sucks!” and “Fire Nicole.” This is in addition to already being booed vigorously by the crowd.

Don’t let it end – The votes were tallied and Rachel Crow was out. But that didn’t the crowd from attempting to lift the spirits of the 13-year-old by chanting “Rachel!! Rachel!!”

A voice from the past – After Rachel lost, her friend and partner in crime Drew Ryniewicz wrote on Twitter, “My love and sister Rachel. I love her. She will be going places! Big places! ❤ sisters for life.”

Posted by:David Eckstein