x factor top 8 results 'X Factor' Top 8 results: Lillie McCloud, Josh Levi or Rion Paige, who went home?It’s time to narrow down “The X Factor” acts from the Top 8 to the Top 6. Let’s find out who’s going home this week.

After some recapping of the night before, the first act going home without a “save me” song is … Lillie McCloud. Wow. It’s not a huge surprise — based on the target demo for this show, it’s terrific she stayed in it so long. But gosh, one of the best vocalists in the competition is headed home. That’s a shame.

I will say, however, that her performance last night was one of my least favorite of hers, so perhaps she just didn’t bring it hard enough. Still — bummer. She really should’ve owned big band week.

Then the two acts singing for their safety is … Josh Levi vs. Rion Paige, what?! Rion Paige doesn’t shock me, but Josh Levi is so good and did a really great job last night, so that is very surprising.

I predict the judges save Josh, before hearing the “save me” songs.

For the songs, Rion does Pink’s “F***in’ Perfect” and it’s not her best vocal effort, but it’s a great emotional connection she has. Maybe that’ll be enough?

In his intro from Paulina, she calls him “Carlito Olivero.” Is she drunk? She has worse verbal stumbles and word salad than Paula Abdul. She is seriously dragging this show down.

Anyway, Josh’s call is “When I Was Your Man” by Bruno Mars. I’m torn as to whether he should’ve gone more upbeat or not, but either way — he’s singing rings around Rion Paige. Sorry, but she should go home.

Obviously Demi votes to keep Rion and Paulina votes to keep Josh, so it comes down to Kelly and Simon, who split their votes so that the American people’s vote is the way it’ll go.

Interestingly, I thought perhaps Simon knew who was out and voted the way he did so that he didn’t have to send Rion home because she’s such a sweetie and such a triumphant story that he didn’t want to look like the bad guy. But it’s Josh Levi who is out, which is surprising. Did Simon really not know?

What do you think, gang? I’m disappointed at the two acts who just got sent home.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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