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Steve_Watson_Yard_Attack.jpgSteve Watson has kept very busy since his days as host of Discovery’s radical home redo show “Monster House” — produced by Thom Beers, who has gone on to produce such modest little shows as “Deadliest Catch” and “Ice Road Truckers” — including a stint as host of “Ice Road Truckers: Off the Ice,” the trucking equivalent of “After the Catch,” the companion roundtable show to “Deadliest Catch.”

Most recently, he was the host of the remodeling reality show “Don’t Sweat It” on HGTV, participated in the competition reality show “HGTV Showdown,” and was co-host, with Sarah Karges, of “NHRA Unleashed,” a Fox Sports show covering National Hot Rod Association events.

On Friday, April 1, Watson leaves houses and hot rods behind to take on the great American yard in DIY Network’s “Yard Attack,” in which he and his team transform an outdoor space, doing a task that would normally take days in just a few hours.

Of course, this quick-draw transformation isn’t done with the flick of a wand, so Watson kindly took a few minutes to dash of some answers to questions about how the magic really happens.

Enjoy …

Q: What did you love about the idea for “Yard

A: I loved the “speed” aspect of the show.  I
love showing what can be done when you plan ahead and have a game plan. And I
loved that it was an idea that hadn’t been done before. I love breaking the

Q: I seem to remember you have redone your own yard.
How did that compare to doing other people’s yards for the show?

A: It was pretty much the same process but without
all the help. I moved 20,000 lbs of gravel, planted 40 plants and shrub and
60 bags of mulch in one weekend, by myself. I didn’t get out of bed on

Q: Is there something that all yards in need of help
have in common?

A: Generally, the common thread is homeowners without
vision. A lot of times they just need to be pointed in the right direction.

Q: Planning and preparation seem very important in
this show. How does that process work?

A: Hayden, my landscape designer and I come up with a
plan well in advance. I get the team
Steve_Watson_YA.jpg to work in our warehouse days before
we “Attack” a yard and we pre-build anything we can.

When we arrive on location, we know exactly what
we’re doing, where everything goes, and how long it will take. We know who’s
doing what and we have every piece of equipment and material we need on the
street before we even show up.

That’s the only way we can do these amazing
transformations in hours and not days.  No surprises no “snafus.”

Q: Was there one yard that was particularly

A: I believe it was episode 2. We thought we were
gonna breeze through this yard because it was so small. What we didn’t think
about was the 40 people we have working, not to mention the TV crew. Small
spaces = bigger challenges.

Q: Have you come up with a list of suggestions for
folks who want to do this on their own?

A: Basically, just plan. plan, plan.  Then GO!!

Q: Do you have a favorite plant or plants?

A: I’m a big fan of drought-resistant plants —
succulents, fountain grasses, etc.

Q: Beverage of choice when the work is done?

A: What do you think?

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