YzQwYWNiMWE5MjhjYSZvZj*w Yes, Meryl Streep will probably get an Oscar for 'The Iron Lady'

The first teaser trailer from the upcoming Margaret Thatcher biopic, “The Iron Lady,” has hit the Internet — and, as expected, Meryl Streep does not disappoint.

With just two sentences in the brief clip (via FirstShowing), Streep eases any doubts that she wouldn’t be able to embody the 1980s British Prime Minister.

… not that it was ever much of a question. A publicity still of Streep in full Thatcher mode emerged earlier this year, showing that she could definitely pull off the trademark raised brows.

So with an iconic character, a high profile film and a dramatic physical change all on deck, Streep seems all but guaranteed another Oscar nod.

She’s has been nominated a brain-melting 16 Academy Awards, winning twice (once for “Kramer vs Kramer” in 1980 and again, in 1983, for “Sophie’s Choice”). Still, it’s been almost 30 years since she took one home. Long overdue, no?

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell