yeti finger 'Yeti' finger mystery solved; It's only a human boneThe half-century-long mystery of the “Yeti” finger found in Nepal has been solved. And to no one’s surprise, the finger is not that of the mythical Abominable Snowman but rather that of a human.

The BBC is reporting scientists at the Edinburgh Zoo recently completed DNA research of the mummified remains found in Nepal in the 1950s. It was after this analysis that the findings were released.

Royal Zoological Society of Scotland’s Dr Rob Ogden tells the BBC, “We had several fragments that we put into one big sequence and then we matched that against the database and we found human DNA…So it wasn’t too surprising but it was obviously slightly disappointing that you hadn’t discovered something brand new…Human was what we were expecting and human is what we got.”

The 3.5-inch finger has an interesting history. It was stolen form a Nepalese monastery by explorer Peter Byrne. In 1959, actor Jimmy Stewart reportedly helped smuggle the remains out of India in his wife’s underwear.

Posted by:David Eckstein