ylvis massachusetts Ylvis releases 'What Does the Fox Say' NSFW follow up video   Watch 'Massachusetts'

After taking the internet by storm with their hilarious summer hit, “What Does the Fox Say,” Nordic comedy trio Ylvis just released their hotly-anticipated follow up video, “Massachusetts.”

Their rather heartfelt ode to the northeastern state turns unexpectedly homoerotic about halfway through, since according to group member Bård Ylvisåker, that’s where the brothers and their sidekick Calle Hellevang-Larsen go “in order to charge the batteries during the off season. A place where we can truly be ourselves and just totally relax.”

Maybe while they’re relaxing, they can work on their spelling?

Watch the video below (warning — contains some NSFW graphic language):

What do you think of Ylvis’ follow-up to “What Does the Fox Say?” Does “Massachusetts” live up to your expectations? Let us know in the comments below.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum