young and hungry ashley tisdale 'Young & Hungry': Ashley Tisdale dishes on kissing Emily Osment, playing a lesbian and guest starring on her own show Get ready to see Ashley Tisdale like you’ve never seen her before.

When the “Young & Hungry” executive producer steps out from behind the camera to guest star on this Wednesday’s (July 9) episode, she’s going to be wooing not Josh (Jonathan Sadowski), but Gabi (Emily Osment) instead.

“I play Logan, a magazine editor who comes to interview Josh for a 30 Under 30 list, but I end up meeting Gabi and I take a huge liking to her,” Tisdale tells Zap2it. “Logan is a lesbian, covered in tattoos, so it was definitely different than anything I’ve ever played before. I’m excited for everyone to see it. She definitely goes after what she wants but there is a reason for it. You’ll have to watch to find out why because I don’t want to give too much away. There’s a story behind that.”

And Logan does more than just flirt with Gabi. Thanks to a sneaky Elliot (Rex Lee) who wants to secure his boss Josh a spot on Logan’s list, he ends up setting Gabi up on a date with Logan … without Gabi realizing it.

“At first, Gabi doesn’t actually know that she’s on a date. She just thinks she’s there to talk highly of her boss,” Tisdale teases. “But Logan thinks it’s a date, so she’s really forward and Gabi starts to get it and she’s like, ‘Ummm, okay, Elliot, what have you set me up on?'”

Tisdale pauses to laugh. “She has to come clean to Logan and tell her that she’s actually straight. It’s just really funny,” she continues. “It’s just so different for me to play that character where I’m more the one coming on to somebody. I’m so used to having the guy be the guy! So I hope I pull this off.”

When she approached playing Logan, Tisdale tried to put herself in the shoes of guys who hit on her. “I decided to play Logan as like how guys are with me, very into Gabi and will go after what she wants,” Tisdale says. “And here’s the thing, I think girls are beautiful and I’m not uncomfortable letting them know that. So this was pretty easy to do.”

And yes, Tisdale did have to kiss her co-star. “I had never kissed a girl before this, and now I have!” Tisdale says with a laugh. “That was an awesome experience, especially sharing it with Emily since we knew each other already. It could have been uncomfortable with everyone standing around, watching us, filming us, but since we knew each other it was as comfortable as it could be.”

Osment isn’t the only girl that Tisdale got to share some steamy scenes with. “Jessica Lowndes also guest stars in this episode and she plays my love interest, my ex-girlfriend,” Tisdale reveals. “A couple years ago, I was at a party and I saw Jessica. I had watched her on ‘90210’ and I always thought she was really beautiful, so I just walked up to her and told her that. She probably already knew that [laughs] but I thought it was nice to say.”

She continues, “So when we had to cast someone to play my ex-girlfriend, I was like, ‘Oh my god, I’ve always thought Jessica was gorgeous, let’s hire her!’ So this girl probably thinks I’m crazy after I came up to her to tell her she’s beautiful at a party and now I’m hiring her to play my girlfriend. But she was so cool about it and she’s awesome to work with.”

When it came to stepping out from behind the camera to guest star on her own show, Tisdale actually felt more comfortable acting onscreen than working offscreen. 

“It has been such an adjustment to working behind the camera,” Tisdale says. “When we did the pilot, I just kept thinking, ‘This is so weird shooting with a live audience and I’m behind the camera.’ It was so strange just because I’m so used to being in front of the camera on sitcoms, so when I did my episode, being in front of the camera felt like coming home. It was so much fun.”

“Young & Hungry” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum