eric braeden michael muhney young and the restless firing gi 'Young and the Restless' drama: Eric Braeden says Michael Muhney tried to have him firedMore behind-the-scenes drama on “Young and the Restless” has come to light following the firing of popular star Michael Muhney, who is accused of groping 20-year-old costar Hunter King. Now, Muhney’s TV father, Eric Braeden, says Muhney tried to have him fired before his departure.

Rumors swirled that Braeden had his co-star axed, but in a new interview he says the situation was actually the opposite. “We did have our differences, but for anyone to say that I had him fired is a lie,” Braeden tells Radar. In a shouting match, Braden “was prompted to get into ‘fisticuffs’ with him because he wanted me off the show. … It was a campaign to get me off the show. It was Muhney who wanted to get me off the show and he expressed that to various people.”

Muhney was let go from “Y&R” in mid-December, and said in an interview with HuffPost TV Canada that he felt it was partially because of his outspoken nature. “Part of me feels this is because I’ve always been outspoken, and sometimes I’ve been too outspoken,” he says. “Sometimes I’ve walked around with a big backpack full of hubris. That is entirely on me.” He also mentioned his frequent disagreements with Braeden as a possible motive for his firing.

Shortly thereafter, however, TMZ reported that Muhney was actually let go because he repeatedly bullied and sexually harassed his young costar King.

Braeden made headlines in 2010 for a public tussle with Neil Patrick Harris. When Braeden, who had played Robin’s father in previous episodes of “How I Met Your Mother,” backed out of a guest spot on the show, Harris called him a “d-bag” who pulled out because “the part wasn’t ‘substantial’ enough.” Braeden’s role was recast with Ray Wise.

Posted by:Jean Bentley