young hungry josh cooper gabi finale 'Young & Hungry' summer finale: What did you think of that surprise ending?
On the Season 1 summer finale of “Young & Hungry” Gabi has to grapple with Josh’s wedding being moved up six months and helping Caroline cover up the fact she forgot her future husband’s birthday. Gabi is unaware that her cover-up will have such an effect on Josh — who is head over heels for the girl who replicated his childhood blanket but has the wrong girl in mind.
A lot of tough decisions were made — but inevitably Josh makes a big move. However, Cooper (Jesse McCartney) had already returned from China with his own sentimental gift for Gabi, leaving Josh out in the rain. Are you Team Josh or Team Cooper? Tell us what you thought about the “Young & Hungry” finale below! 

Posted by:Megan Vick