zach braff wedding photobomb Zach Braff photobombs couple's gorgeous wedding photo

One pair of newlyweds got a bit more than they were expecting when posing for a photo in the middle of a busy New York City street. In addition to the many passersby walking around them, TV star Zach Braff can be seen walking by staring directly at the camera with a huge smile on his face.

“Sir, I think you photobombed my newlywed couple the other day in New York. 🙂 Well played…” photographer Sascha Reinking tweets.

The shot, understandably, got Braff’s stamp of approval. “This is one of my best photobombs ever,” he writes.

Reinking writes about the surprise photobomb in a post on his blog, explaining that he was taking an already-married couple from Germany around New York City for some wedding photos when the incident occurred. “Like most of my couples they asked me for one of my ‘famous’ street shots and so I put them right on 42nd street with Times Square in the background,” he explains. “Little did we know that we were about to get photobombed by no other than Zach Braff. The funny thing about this was that I didn’t even notice it until I started to edit the images.”

The image has since gone more viral than any other photo Reinking has taken. What would you do if your wedding photo was photobombed by a celebrity?

zach braff wedding photo photobomb Zach Braff photobombs couple's gorgeous wedding photo

Posted by:Terri Schwartz