zach braff wish i was here joey king Zach Braff's 'Wish I Was Here': 5 reasons it's a must see filmZach Braff’s Kickstarter-funded passion project “Wish I Was Here” hits select theaters Friday (July 18). Braff stars in the movie as Aidan Bloom, a 35-year-old father of two, who finds himself at a major crossroads in his life and is forced to re-examine every aspect of his world from his family to his beliefs. “WIWH” also stars Kate Hudson, Joey King and Josh Gad.

If the fact that “Wish I Was Here” is the “Scrubs” star’s first film as a director in 10 years (following 2004’s “Garden State”) isn’t enough to make you want to see it, here are five reasons if you don’t rush out and see it if it is playing in your town this weekend, your life won’t be complete — seriously.

1. It was financed by the fans

Knowing if he went the studio route he wouldn’t have creative control over story, casting and the like, Braff turned to Kickstarter and asked fans to help him do the movie his way. Seeing this film is just one step in the right direction for more creative projects such as “Wish I Were Here” having the hope to get made.

2. It’s relatable

No matter what stage in life you are in, there is no possible way you can’t relate to the story told in this film. “WIWH” was co-written by Zach and his brother Adam Braff, whose influence is clearly represented in the film. More than anything the movie is about family. So no matter if yours is conventional or not, everyone has someone they consider family and the trials and tribulations ring true are reflected, any way you look at it. Also, no one hasn’t been at some sort of crossroads in life and “WIWH” explores the possibilities that can come from that type of experience.

3. The music

The soundtrack to “Garden State” was incredible, and his sophomore effort does not disappoint. This time Braff personally asked some of the artists to create a track just for the movie. The soundtrack features artists such as Bon Iver, Cat Power, The Head and the Heart, and The Shins — all offering powerful compliments to this emotional story.

4. Two words: Mandy Patinkin

Honestly, is there anyone in the world who isn’t obsessed with the legendary Broadway and “Homeland” actor?  In “WIWH” Patinkin (sporting his Saul Berenson beard) plays Gabe Bloom, Braff’s father. Gabe is strong in his Jewish faith and struggling with cancer — cut to many touching scenes (bring your Kleenex) featuring the incredible actor interacting with all of the members of the Bloom family.

5. ‘Wish I Was Here’ may change your life

Seriously. Even though the film is truly an emotional journey, you are guaranteed to leave uplifted. Ultimately “Wish I Was Here” reminds the viewer to live in the moment. Enjoy the people you are with when you are with them, enjoy the places you are in when you are in them and really feel each and every emotion during those time, because you will never get another moment like now.

So don’t just wish, be — and see “Wish I Was Here” as soon as you can. You won’t regret it.

Posted by:Sarah Huggins