Get ready for the seminal interview with Justin Bieber. Comedian Zach Galifianakis sat the 19-year-old Canadian pop star down for an episode of his web series “Between Two Ferns,” and finally took Bieber to task for his bad behavior over the past year. At one point, Galifianakis even spanked Bieber with his belt.

The interview got off on the right foot when Galifianakis opened it with, “It’s really exciting to talk to you, especially right in the middle of your public meltdown.” It all goes perfectly from there, from Galifianakis asking Bieber about his controversial Anne Frank comments to his urinating in a mop bucket on camera. The whole interview comes to a climax when Galifianakis stands up and starts yelling at Bieber.

“You’re too young to be smoking pot and pee-peeing in buckets and driving up and down on the highway fast. I don’t think your mom would really mind if a stranger whipped her son,” Galifianakis says before spanking Bieber with his belt. Yes. Really.

Galifianakis concludes, “You’re not a child, and that’s the point. So I can hit a grown man with a belt. … So, who are you dating?” Move over Oprah; let’s just have Galifianakis interview all our troubled celebs from now on.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz