top chef all star carla hall Zap2it readers weigh in on rumored 'Top Chef All Stars' cast

Last week we told you about Bravo’s possible season of “Top Chef All-Stars” — and how recently eliminated “Top Chef: DC” competitor Tiffany Derry is among the rumored cheftestants.

Zap2it readers reacted with outrage at Tiffany’s early exit, glee at her possible “All-Star” inclusion and confusion over some of the names left off of the tentative “All-Star” roster.

Here are some of the most noteworthy comments, including last-minute suggestions for casting:

On Tiffany’s elimination

Bo: “Top Chef” knows a good thing when they see it. I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of Tiffany. She needs her own show. She has too much personality.

Nyla: I have been bummed out since Tiffany was cut. It was not her time to go and right before Singapore. Kevin should have gone. I’m hoping really hard it is not the last we see of her.

Francesca: Having eaten at Tiffany’s restaurant, I can honestly say she got kicked off for no good reason 😦 I hope she kicks All-Star Butt.

Beth: Does the name Tre Wilcox mean nothing to you? Tom [Colicchio] said people were stopping him on the street to chew him out about that one. Anyway, I like Tiffany but I disagree that Ed deserved to go before her. He’s proved himself to be a strong, worthy competitor and he absolutely has a chance to win it all.

A-Rob: Gotta agree with Beth, Tre’s has to be one of the worst early eliminations – went way too soon (restaurant wars, I believe, for some bad potatoes). Now Tiffany too? Would love to see her again in All-Stars, or any other show, and throw in Kenny from this season too.

On the rumored “All-Stars”

Sil: What about the Voltaggio Brothers? Where are they in this All-Star list? IMO, not including BOTH of them is a glaring oversight! I’m hoping casting didn’t completely drop the ball here and did invite them, but they may have been too busy with other commitments.

Ggny: I mean Michael Isabella, really? Really?

Francine: I’d love to see Ariane Duarte.

Susie: We want Carla!

Cody: I agree with Susie….we want CARLA and TIFFANY!!!! We need both….and Tiffany needs her own show….if they can give one to Bethenny [Frankel], surely Tiffany will bring in better ratings…

Well, Susie and Cody, you both could be in luck. Carla Hall is the latest “Top Chef” alum spotted on the New York set of whatever it is they’re filming.

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