zooey deschanel lucky magazine 592 Zooey Deschanel: Put away the Daisy Dukes, grown womenZooey Deschanel gets knocked for her cutesy fashion sense from time to time, but even she’s got limits when it comes to attire. Especially when it comes to shorts a certain “Dukes of Hazzard” star might wear.

“Daisy Dukes are not for people over 30,” the “New Girl” star says in the March issue of Lucky. “I’m just going to go out on a limb and say that right now.” You hear that, pop stars almost out of their 20s? Put them short shorts away!

Deschanel, who graces the cover of the magazine, dispenses with more fashion advice: “I like what I like. It has nothing to do with trends or being a slave to fashion. Sometimes things will be in style and they’re classic and look great. I think it’s important to recognize when fashion has gone to a place that isn’t cute.”

She adds that it’s important to know how to dress for your body. “If you look at anyone with great style — Jackie Onassis, Audrey Hepburn — they have certain silhouettes that they don’t really stray from,” Deschanel says. “It’s not like Audrey Hepburn was running around in a bunch of giant shoulder-padded-dresses.”

For Deschanel, fashion is a method of self-expression. “Fashion is a way of communicating,” she explains. “You’re saying, ‘Hi world! How are you? This is me today. Take me or leave me!'”

Just don’t say it with Daisy Dukes.

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Posted by:Billy Nilles