zsa zsa gabor getty Zsa Zsa Gabor to have leg amputated in emergency surgery93-year-old Zsa Zsa Gabor may have asked for a priest to read her last rites back in August of 2010, but she isn’t giving up without a fight. The aging actress, who broke a hip last July and has been hospitalized several times since for resulting complications, traveled by private ambulance to an L.A. hospital to have part of her leg amputated.

Her publicist says that a “growing lesion” on Gabor’s leg was cause for concern and she agreed to go to the UCLA Medical Center to have part of the leg amputated.

Her husband, Prince von Anhalt, called for the private ambulance… and then called TMZ to fill them in. (How thoughtful of him to give them some advance notice — they made it to her home in time to film her leaving for the hospital.)

He tells TMZ that docs wanted Gabor to have the surgery earlier, but she asked to wait so that she could enjoy the holidays at home, fearing it would be her last chance to do so.
At this point, the blood clot has spread so dramatically that another day without surgery would be Gabor’s last.

Hang in there, Zsa Zsa!

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie