zuccott park gi Zuccotti Park cleaned out; celebs tweet their Occupy Wall Street supportOn Tuesday (Nov. 15), police mounted a surprise sweep of New York’s Zuccotti Park, where Occupy Wall Street protestors have been camped out for two months.

Police in riot gear descended on the park in the pre-dawn hours, reports the Christian Science Monitor, evicting hundreds of protestors from what is the epicenter of the growing “Occupy” movement. Similar evictions have recently happened in Oakland, Denver and Portland.

So, is OWS over? No, according to a statement from the group’s organizers.

“Occupy Wall Street has renewed a sense of hope,” the statement read. “It has revived a belief in community and awakened a revolutionary spirit too long silenced.”

Several high-profile OWS supporters, including Michael Moore and Russell Simmons, tweeted out this message early on Tuesday morning:

“Zuccotti Park, 8am. It may be empty now, but #OccupyWallStreet isn’t going away. It will only grow.”

As of this writing, Moore is tweeting out updates about the group’s prospects for re-entry into the park.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson