Michelle Obama’s Snapchat game is strong these days, and she just added Alexis Bledel to the list of special guests to appear on her new social media app.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Bledel stopped by the White House to take some snaps with Michelle Obama in support of the First Lady’s “Let Girls Learn” initiative. Who better to promote reading and studying for young girls than Rory Gilmore? It looks like she even brought her own books and Poptarts (clutch study aids in any situation) to help the project.

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In one of the snaps, Bledel can be seen holding the phone smiling and cheering, “I’m back at the White House!”

Back in May, “Gilmore Girls” fans were confused — and a little upset — to see promotional photos that hinted the story would find Rory as a teacher at her high school Alma Mater, Chilton. 10 years after we’d last we’d seen her, she was setting off as a journalist covering the Obama campaign.

Could this be a hint that Rory did in fact make it all the way to the White House with Obama in the fictional world of “Gilmore Girls?”

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We’ll have to keep monitoring Michelle Obama’s Snapchat account to see if Bledel leaks any more clues about the upcoming revival series.

Even if a few quick snaps of Bledel is all we get, you’ve got to hand it to the First Lady (or rather the intern who manages her social media pages) for her awesome posting tactics. Snagging both James Corden and Alexis Bledel for the launch of Michelle Obama’s account is a sure way to get mega-followers mega-fast.

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