Timing isn’t always friendly and it seems like an especially difficult period for Johnny Depp. TMZ is reporting that Amber Heard has filed for divorce papers a mere three days after Depp’s mother, Betty Sue Palmer, passed away.

The couple tied the knot in February of 2015. Citing irreconcilable differences, Heard filed her divorce petition on Monday (May 23). In the documents, Heard says the couple officially separated the day before. Sources say the couple do not have a prenuptial agreement and Heard is asking for spousal support.

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Last year, the couple made headlines when they broke Australian laws by smuggling their dogs to the set of the newest “Pirates of the Carribbean” movie. While this feels like old news, the feud between Depp and Australian Minister Barnaby Joyce has somehow continued.

Depp’s new movie, “Alice Through the Looking Glass” opens in theaters everywhere on Friday.

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