Ariana Grande is not amused by casual sexism — and in a radio interview with Power 106 FM, she spoke out against stereotypes. It all begins when a pair of male DJs ask Grande to make a tough decision: pick between using makeup or looking at her phone.

At first, Grande was more amused than annoyed, but when she asks the DJs if they really thought that’s “what girls have to choose between,” their answers of “absolutely!” rubbed her the wrong way.

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Immediately, Grande calls them out for assuming women are shallow enough to only care about phones and makeup. But even as she loses patience with the conversation, the DJs double down, saying “That’s not a question.”

Grande emphatically points out that she goes “many hours” without looking at Twitter on her phone. She even throws in an example: she doesn’t scroll through social media at the dinner table. But then, the hosts make another comment — saying “ladies, learn” in response to Grande’s phone-free lifestyle, and Grande lays down the law.

“Boys learn,” she says. “Come on. Boys and girls, we can all learn,” she continues, as the DJs protest.

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And when a conversation about emojis had one of the DJs muttering “girls …” in response to Grande’s love of using the new unicorn emoji, Grande says “You need a little brushing up on equality over here.”

The full interview is less tense, but Grande still lays the smack down.

Posted by:Kayla Hawkins