What started out as a Q&A with Stephen Amell at the Dallas Comic Con on Saturday (Feb. 13) quickly spiraled out of control when the “Arrow” star came face-to-face with his WWE adversary Stardust, who came by to hand-deliver the Slammy Award Amell won for his initial appearance in the ring.

Commandeering the panel and replacing the moderator with his own wife — WWE’s Eden — Stardust took over answering questions and insulting the audience before seemingly challenging Amell to a rematch, only this time he wants a singles match. Amell made his WWE debut at 2015’s “SummerSlam,” teaming with Neville to take on the team of Stardust and King Barrett.

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After losing the match to Amell and Neville, Stardust says the beating him in a tag team match isn’t really beating him at all.

That sets the stage for a second match between the two, though when that will happen remains to be seen. Amell is currently in production on Season 4 of “Arrow” and is about to be part of the promotional campaign for “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows” — where he plays Casey Jones.

With the “Ninja Turtles” movie heading to theaters in June, it’s entirely possible a short WWE run could be part of the movie’s promotional efforts. Given that this interaction between the two happened in Dallas, Tex., the home of April’s “WrestleMania 32,” perhaps the plan would be for the match to happen then.

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Should that not be the case, there’s also a return to “SummerSlam” in New York as a possibility for Amell.

Wherever the match happens, it’s clearly personal. Stardust ends his invasion of Amell’s panel by throwing a cup of water in the actor’s face — something his wife Eden then does as well.

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