With NBC’s “The Wiz Live” bringing the 1970s musical into public attention once again, this short video of a seven year-old version of A-List pop star Beyonce performing one of the show’s signature songs — the finale showstopper “Home” — is even more impressive.

The singer was clearly always an incredible talent, since while still in elementary school, the young Beyonce passionately belts out the song’s difficult vocals. And while she would probably do an even better rendition of the song today, the MC of the event says it all: “No wonder she won last year!”

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There’s plenty in this performance that should be familiar to Beyonce fans — everything from the sequined Dorothy pinafore to the young singer’s immaculately styled hair is like a junior version of her stagewear today. And while she doesn’t have the slickly choreographed moves that now characterizes her stage shows, she does have rhythm, and everything from her high notes to her hand motions is impeccably rehearsed.

Also immediately obvious when watching the video is that Blue Ivy Carter looks exactly like her mother. And speaking of which, if the star’s daughter takes after her mom’s amazing vocal abilities, it should be evident by the time she’s in second grade.

Posted by:Kayla Hawkins