No one wants to see Blake Shelton feeling sad. His comedic chemistry with Adam Levine and the rest of the judging panel is what makes “The Voice” stand out among competition reality shows. But even though Blake and wife Miranda Lambert filed for divorce in July, it’s not enough to get the country music star down.

In a recent interview with CMT’s Katie Cook, Blake proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that he’s still the same upbeat and goofy guy. There’s nothing about Blake’s demeanor that would suggest that the singer just went through a tough summer, and he even opens by saying “I’m good, I’m not in rehab,” despite what supermarket tabloids might be suggesting.

And not a single bad word is spoken about his ex, either. The closest he came to saying something negative was acknowledging that “I’m in a good place. I wasn’t, but I am now.”

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Overall, while the past few months must have been tough on him, there was one unexpected side effect — a surprising weight loss. He jokes that while he hasn’t started dieting or working out, he’s getting in good shape from all of the yard work he’s been doing.

Even though he’s wildly successful, he claims he’s still using a push mower to take down the formidable landscaping in his Oklahoma home. And while normally it’s hard to believe that any celebrity is doing their own household chores, Blake has always had a love for mowing the lawn.

He goes on to playfully banter about how badly his mowing screwed up his lawn. “It dug these huge ruts, and I just said screw it,” Blake jokes. Even if his weight loss regimen suffers as a result of giving up the push mower, it’s clear that nothing will get between Blake Shelton and his sense of humor, so “The Voice” fans don’t need to worry.

Posted by:Kayla Hawkins